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My Analysis on the Kerning PQ (Party Quest) maplestory

i) Introduction
ii) Getting Started
iii) Stage 1
iv) Stages 2-4
v) Final Stage
vi) Bonus
vii) QUICK
viii) What if someone dies inside?
ix) Being a RESPONSIBLE leader
x) Thanking YOU!


Hello!! It’s me again. Nope not the “masqued” stranger but Whytemasque. As you would all know, the Party Quest (PQ) requires you to be at least level 21 and must not exceed level 30 to do (If you are in the middle of PQing, and you level to 31, you can still continue). This quest will help you to level in no time. It’ll also help you to get items that can maybe…just maybe be sold for millions. The PQ area is located at Kerning City, near the center of the map. (The place where you can see 3 drain pipes) maplestory maple story


Getting Started

Okay. Firstly, get yourself into a party of 3 other people. That would mean that there would be a total of 4 people in your party. If one of your party members is offline or at a different place (etc. channel, potion shop), they will not be considered as part of the party. Once you have your party all at the same place, or at least the same map, your party leader will click on Lakelis. Not only once, but many times. As the quest goes by the rule ‘First come, First serve’. Do not expect to go in immediately after you have found a party, you might have to wait for many hours before you get in maplestory maple story.

Track is a term that is used for finding people. In this case, track is to find out what stage is the current party inside the PQ at. Once you’ve got a name, just type /find (and then the name). Since there would be a lot of people at the PQ area, maplestory maple story
Its really quite hard to see who went in, try writing all their names down. Don’t need to be neat, just scribble (DON’T DO THIS FOR YOUR EXAMS). You can also try taking a screenshot of the people at the sewage area. I got this idea from sinister34. Still email me if you still have anymore ideas maplestory maple story.

Now AC stands for ‘auto-clicker.’ Try only using this for PQ as it can get you banned (Botting). But many people there alove to cheat so they use ‘auto-clicker’. Right now, I am unsure if ‘auto-clicker’ is allowed in the game or not. I’ve heard that the newer versions of it are able to work in the game. However, please do not ask me where to download it as I do not use that ‘super cheat’ program maplestory maple story.


Stage 1

Congratulations! maplestory maple story You have finally gotten after a while. In the first stage, you must go to the right until you see Cloto. Talk to her and she will ask you a question. You would then have to kill Ligators, to get the coupons, situated at the top (just climb the ropes and you will see them). Questions are:

Level to become Magician (8 coupons)
Level to become other job (10 coupons)
DEX needed to become a thief or an archer (25 coupons)
STR needed to become a warrior (35 coupons)
INT needed to become a magician (20 coupons)
EXP needed to Level 2 from Level 1 (15 coupons)

This information is from hiddenstreet itself. Please don’t sue me. Anyway, once you have collected the correct amount of coupons, talk to Cloto again and she will give you a yellow pass in exchange of your coupons. Note that you must have the correct amount. No more nor less.

Once all of your party members have done the exchanging, drop the passes and pass them to your party leader. Your leader will click on Cloto and a big “CLEAR” sign will appear on your screen. Go through the portal and then to the next map. One more thing, your party leader does not need to hunt anything if they don’t want to. Before you shout and curse them, remember that they got you in this and they aren’t slackers. If you ask them to help you with the coupons, they would most probably help maplestory maple story.


Stages 2-4

For these stages, it’s similar to a guessing game. You must guess the correct combinations to get through. Your party leader will click on Cloto and she will indicate to you whether it’s right or wrong.

Stage 2 is a walk in the park. However do note that you cannot hang at the bottom of the rope. Go a little higher, at the top of the rope.

In stage 3, there will be 5 platforms, each platform holding bunnies arranged in the 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 order. Go in combinations :

1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-4-5, 2-3-4, 2-4-5, 3-4-5.

For stage 4, it’s pretty much the same thing, just that there will be six barrels. So guess the correct combinations.

1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-2-6, 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-3-6, 1-4-5, 1-4-6, 1-5-6, 2-3-4, 2-3-5, 2-3-6, 2-4-5, 2-4-6, 2-5-6, 3-4-5, 3-4-6, 3-5-6, 4-5-6.

Always go in numerical order unless you have supernatural powers to tell what the combination is. Once you have gotten the combination, go through the portal and to the final stage maplestory maple story.


Final Stage

In the final stage, you will have to kill 3 curse eyes and 6 Jr. Neckis. Your leader will collect the yellow passes. Once you are done, its time to kill the King Slime. It’s a much bigger version of a Slime. It can summons 3 normal slimes when it is about to die, and can do a skill called earthquake, which can take a whole lot of your HP out. However, in order to avoid that massive ton of damage, just jump at the right time. Just be sure you have potions to accommodate the damage. Once it is defeated, you can kill the slimes if you want though many people say that it will give you bad items, which I don’t think so. Just ask your leader to get the pass and off you guys go. Pass all the yellow passes to your leader if you have collected any. Your leader will click on Cloto and the portal will be open. Note that you can’t go into the portal. Just click on Cloto and she will congratulate you and will enter the bonus stage.


Bonus Stage

This is a place where people say that maplers always camp, as in stay inside for very long. Try not to do it. Just kill the monsters inside for maybe 2 to 5 mins and wait for the spy’s singnal. More of that below maplestory maple story.



QUICK does not stand for anything. It’s just a word. Ask one of your party members to come out in the bonus stage and ask him/her to go outside and write down the names of the people outside. A minimum of 2 members (including the leader) must stay inside the map. Ever since the introduction of the ability to pass the leader title to someone else, it makes everything easier and increases your chances of getting in again. Let your party leader pass the title to someone else (prefably one that has a fast computer) and him and another member will stay inside the map. Once the actual leader says he is ready, quickly come out and pass him the leader title as fast as you can.

What if someone dies inside?

Well it really depends who dies in the middle of the PQ. As long as it’s not the leader then you can carry on. Your leader will take over the position of the guy that died. But if your leader dies, all of your party member will be immediately sent out of the PQ. And that would be a total waste of effort and time. So make sure your leader has enough pots to stay alive. And if two people die inside the PQ (excluding your leader), you will get kicked out too. Just don’t be too happy when your party member dies. However, if the party leader disconnects, the leader title will be passed on to someone else, so no worries.


Being a RESPONSIBLE leader

Don’t be too harsh on any new PQ-er. He or she does not really know how PQ-ing is like. Just survive with that person for maybe 1 or 2 rounds of PQ and the person should be fine. Be patient with that person. Refrain from saying things like “Go away you stupid retarded noob.” It’s very hurting for that person. This would demoralize that person and well, maybe not daring to do PQ again. I mean come on, everyone makes mistakes. DON’T EVER think that warriors are lousy. I hear people say, “Don’t pick warriors. They are lousy. Always miss.” Just bear with them. After all everyone needs training INCLUDING WARRIORS. When you, the leader, is in the PQ, be organized. Don’t let people get a bad impression of you. Be kind and nice to them and they will like you.


Thank you for reading!


Hiddenstreet staff – Posting this guide
Hiddenstreet – Information help (eg. combinatins)
Fisheye30 – Helped in checking this guide for glitches
Sinister34 – Helped in tracking guide
Mr Victor Zhou – Helped out in the “what if someone dies” part
Sauske808 – Helped in giving some very good information

The rest of you that emailed me with positive and negative feedback.


All right, this is the end of this guide. Thank you for reading it. Same as always, any glitches email me at [email protected]

Your feedback on this guide will be openly invited.

Ground rules to take note of

This guide may not be copied unless for personal use.

It cannot be put up on any other site except hiddenstreet without my permission.

This guide may not be plagiarized.

Ludibrium Party Quest Guide

2nd Accompaniment

Brian Gordon
Updated 3/14/2006

Table of Contents s1

s1. Table of Contents
s2. About this PQ
s3. Getting In
s4. The Quest
s5. The Boss
s6. Exiting

About this PQ s2

So you want to PQ in Ludibrium… there are a lot of things you need to learn
before you begin. First of all, you need to be at least level 35 to play the
quest (and less than level 50). Because of this, I’ll assume you’re already
very familiar with the Kerning City PQ, and use PQ terminology without
explaining it (track, miss, etc). But there are a lot of very big changes from
the Kerning City party quest. You now have a full hour to complete the quest,
which means you’ll be waiting to get in for a lot longer than before. If you
miss, you’ll be waiting another 45 minutes to try again. If your party doesn’t
have a track, you’ll be waiting an hour and a half at least, assuming your
party gets the track the first time another party gets in. Also, you need 6
party members this time around, 2 more than in Kerning. Lastly, the boss is
much harder, and therefore the bonuses are much better.

Getting In s3

If you’re forming a party you should be aware that your party should consist
mostly of level 40 players and up. You’ll certainly have no problem if you
invite a few 35-39 players to your party, but too many and you’ll have trouble
taking on the final boss. You should also be concerned with the diversity of
the party. A high-Heal Cleric is very highly recommended – almost essential.
Also, you need a Thief with Dark Sight (Assassin or Bandit) to complete the
quest. Bowmen are very helpful on some levels but unneccessary. Warriors excel
in this quest since most of the levels take place on small platforms. You
need a mage with teleport also.

If you’re trying to get into a party, put on your best equips and go from
channel to channel advertising your availability. Don’t stay too long on each
channel. Keep in mind that you’ll have a much easier time getting in during
weekdays (Monday – Thursday), during the early afternoon and late at night,
EST. Also you’ll have a much easier time if you play in a server other than
Scania or Bera. Once in a party, ask for your party’s track. If they don’t
have one and you’re not prepared to wait a long while, don’t hesitate to leave
and search for another party. If they do have a track, check it.

Once the other party is at stage 7, you need to start repeatedly checking
your track (Also, the other party may die at stage 5; see below). Stage 8
will probably take awhile for them to finish, but once they get into
A Crack on the Wall (the boss stage), your leader needs to start clicking
the stop-sign. Only a few seconds after they leave the boss stage, the PQ will

The Quest s4

Stage One-
Move up and down the area, killing the black ratz. They’ve got a little more
HP than usual. Each kill will net you one coupon. Give them to your leader,
then have him talk to the red balloons NPC to open the portal to the next
stage. Have 2 or 3 of your party members go through the portal. The rest, wait
a moment.

Stage Two-
The 2 or 3 members who went through should go down to the second box. When
they hit it, all the members you sent into Stage Two will be moved to the
Tower’s Trap. Basically it’s just a mini-stage to do, but since you’ve got
3 or 4 other party members waiting to come through, you can do Stage Two and
Tower’s Trap simultaneously. Once the 2 or 3 have been taken to the Trap, the
other members should go through the portal and beat Stage Two as usual. Both
groups need to hit all the blue boxes they come across; each one will drop a
coupon. You may need a Mage in the trap to teleport over to a difficult-to-
reach box. When both groups are done, give all 15 tickets to the leader and
have him talk to the orange balloons. Everyone go through the portal.

Stage Three-
Most of the boxes in this stage will spawn Bloctopus, which each drop a
coupon when killed. Your party should split up. Half can go down and smash
the boxes as they go. The bloctopus will fall down to the bottom area, where
you can easily mob attack them. The other half should go up and kill all the
bloctopus up there. Give all your coupons to the leader, who gives them to
the yellow balloons. Go through the portal.

Stage Four-
When you reach this stage, everyone should drop down to the bottom. Then
work your way up. When you reach a portal (the bottom and top portals don’t
do anything), mark that you went in by dropping 10 mesos or an item near the
portal. Then go in. Inside it’s completely dark and there are 1 or more
monsters inside. The monsters are black so you can’t see them, but every once
in awhile they will open their eyes. You can only hit them when their eyes
are open. Once you’re done, leave through one of the portals in your room.
Then if there are any more unmarked portals, do one of those rooms, otherwise
go up to the balloons and wait for the rest of your party. Drop your coupons.
The leader should click the lime-green balloons to open the portal. Everybody

Stage Five-
The thief should turn on Dark Sight and go down through the golems. There are
several portals. He/she needs to go through each one and collect the passes
in each room. Some contain more golems.. make sure you remain darksighted; the
golems do 8k+ damage per hit. The rest of the party, go up. Again, mark the
portals you go into. Two members should go through each portal. In every room,
climb up and jump off the side of the rope onto the chests on the side of the
room. The mage with teleport needs to take the top portal. Have him/her
teleport (or Haste jump) up into the portal. In their room, they need to
teleport directly down into their stage. Once everyone’s done, they should
drop their passes to their leader, and go through the portal.

Stage Six-
At this point, someone in your party will probably announce the order to
noobies.. this is it: 133 221 333 123 111. Hit UP while standing on the
numbered barrels in that order. At the top is a portal; use it.

Stage Seven- Once in the next room, go down to the bottom. Someone in your
party will be picked to kill ratz. Every time they kill a black ratz, a
Rombard miniboss will spawn in the bottom area. A cleric should have no problem
keeping you healed. After it takes a bit of damage it’ll summon block golems..
just kill them all and after every Rombard kill, tell the guy who’s up killing
ratz to kill another one. Another Rombard will spawn. Be careful! Multiple
rombards can spawn if the ratz-hunter kills more than 1 at a time, making it
difficult to beat this stage. After all the coupons are collected, give them to
your leader and go through the portal.

Stage Eight- Like the Kerning PQ, but with nine boxes. This can get tedious
and the #1 and #2 are coveted, although they’re usually reliquished to the
party newbie if they’re too slow. This is an example of the order, if you don’t
remember: 12345 12346 12347 12348 12349 12356 12357 12358 12359 12367 12368 etc
until you get the right combination. It can get confusing after 1 and 2 start
moving, but you shouldn’t have much trouble.

The Boss s5

Have your archer/assassin kill the ratz on the platform so its
pass drops right on the treasure chest. Alishar is summoned! Your cleric should
start healing and not stop till the end of the battle; he can’t take even 2 or
3 hits from the boss. Use skills to pour tons of damage on him; his health will
get down in no time. After losing a bit of his health, he’ll start summoning
Chronos on you, which are a nuisance. Kill them quick so you can get back
to Alishar, and if you’re good, you can get him to the next summon-level
before he summons more Chronos. The next summons he’ll make are Platoon
Chronos. These are bigger and take more damage before they go down, but your
party should be able to hold its own. About this time, if too many of your
party members have died, you’ll start struggling. Alishar will constantly
Seal you or Blind you, making it impossible to mob the Chronos or hit Alishar.
You’ll eventually make it to his last stage. He’ll start summoning Master
Chronos, which are a real bother at this point if you’re fighting the battle
on your own or with one other person. It’s nearly impossible to get a hit on
Alishar unless you’re a Warrior. Eventually he’ll go down. Let the leader pick
up the keys he drops, and the leader will move you to Bonus.

Exiting s6

You have one minute to get as much loot as you can. Hitting a
box opens a cascade of mesos and items; DONT BOTHER WITH THEM unless you see
a cape, earrings, or Dew (they’re worth a couple k at NPC). After a minute,
you’re ejected into the conclusion stage. Go up the ladder and talk to Arturo
to recieve your prize and be sent to Eos Tower 101st Floor. Some prizes include
summon bags, elixers, ores, screws, scrolls, etc. The PQ should have netted you
40000-45000 exp total

Assassin’s Ludi PQ Guide

Version Info

–0.1 – May 20, 2006 Started with a complete guide except for the errors soon
to be found or info soon to be contributed.
–0.2 – May 24, 2006 I spotted a few typos and fixed. A few readers have
contributed info to me. I have added the ver. info section. Because of some
unknown PC error, I have replaced most long “———-” with “~~~~~~~~~~” plus
it looks nicer o_O.
-0.3 – Critical update. Fixed typo in parties section (used to say lvl is 35-30).
-0.4 – A few pieces of info put into the guide
-0.5 – a tip how to kill king block gollems and slight changes
-0.6 – Section 4b added containing a unique PQ build
-Final – a small fix, now i am working on Cleric’s ludi PQ guide

thanks to all the contributers, and for putting this up

Table of Contents


press ctrl+F and search any of the numbers for the sections 2 times down.
(search 1.1 twice to find the introduction section)

–1. Getting Started
1.1 – Introduction
1.2 – What is pq
1.3 – Requirements
1.4 – Is PQ worth the time

–2.Basics of PQ
2.1 – Basic pq terms of speech
2.2 – Parties
2.3 – Going Inside
2.4 – Stages

–3.Ludi PQ indepth
3.1 – Party Reccomendations –ALERT! A “MUST SEE” WARNING IN HERE
3.2 – Rushing
3.3 – Time
3.4 – Tracking
3.5 – Being Leader
3.6 – “Help someone died or d/c’ed”

–4.Assassin’s Edge
4.1 – Why are sins so good for PQ
4.2 – Damage
4.3 – Accuracy
4.4 – Range
4.5 – Jump attack
4.6 – HASTE!!!

–4b.Assassin’s unique PQ build
4b.1 – Why a different build?
4b.2 – advantages/disadvantages
4b.3 – the build
4b.4 – equip-wise

–5.Stage Guide
5.2 – Stage 2
5.3 – Stage 3
5.4 – Stage 4
5.6 – Stage 6
5.7 – Stage 7
5.8 – Stage 8
5.9 – Crack In The Wall (Boss)
5.010 – Bonus
5.011 – Determine to adventure

6.1 – Some prizes

7.1 – Credits

1.Getting Started

1.1 – Introduction


The Ludibrium Party Quest is a great add-on to Maplestory. After passing level
50 I have made a guide to help people (assassins in general) learn to master
their pq abilities just as I have. This PQ is a whole different attitude
that of the Kerning PQ. With higher levels, means more powerful players and
a chance to test your newly gained 2nd job skills. You will be faced with
new stronger monsters, puzzles, more and longer stages, and stages where
teamwork is critical. Throughout these challenges, you can learn to
cooperate and work together for a quicker, cleaner PQ.

1.2 – What is pq


PQ is party quest. It is a quest that can be repeated infinite times for a
certain level range. This quest is not displayed in your quest log, and
takes place in a special group of maps that can be entered through forming
a party. There’s a catch though, only one party is allowed in at a time
per channel.

1.3 – Requirements


The requirements to do a Ludibrium party quest are…

Level 35~50
Having a full party of 6
All party members are in Eos Tower Floor 101

1.4 – Is PQ worth the time


YES! a PQ is DEFINETELY worth the 30 minutes or so it takes to complete.
This is an EXTREME save in time training and money wasted on pots. to top
it all off, you get prizes from doing pq.

Is it worth the time to GET IN a pq… thats all up to your leader’s

2.Basics of PQ

2.1 – Basic pq terms of speech


Since some people didnt do kerning pq much, i made this section to help
those people with pq “slang”.

PQ – “Party Quest”

Looking for/Joining pq – “I want to join a party quest”
(lvl 46 sin looking for pq)

Track (noun) – “The name of a person in pq you /find so you know their stage”
(whats the track’s name?)

Track (verb) – to type in /find and check the people inside’s stage”
(u guys keep tracking and tell me when 8th)

Rush – To exit a party quest and get back in the same channel right away.
(If we try to rush we might miss)

Miss – Another party gets in pq and not yours.
(I saw them go in, we missed)

Solo – Kill by oneself with no assistance. mostly refering to bosses
(I’ll solo 1st rombot in stage 7)

d/c – d/c simply stands for disconnect
(One of our members d/ced, go get another)

AC or Autoclicker – AC was a program that clicks automatically super fast.
(I heard that guy has ac by using bypass)

2.2 – Parties


The Ludibrium party quest consits of a party with 6 members (the leader
counts as a member). These parties have to be with members levels 35-50.
The party must be in the same room for the leader to click the npc that
takes you in pq. You can join a party by finding people who say
“looking for pq members” and asking them to invite you. Also by you
saying “looking for pq”, eventually you will get invited to a party.

2.3 – Going Inside


To enter the Ludibrium Party quest, if you are leader, have a party of 6 and
have them all be Eos Tower floor 101. Make sure they are all lvl 35-50. then
wait for your track to get to “A crack in the wall” here you need to be
ready. As soon as that party reaches Bonus, you click ALOT VERY VERY FAST.

another note… to click very fast, double click the red sign in eos 101
and move the window so the ok button is on top of the sign. then click in
that spot alot.

2.4 – Stages


Ludi pq is longer, unlike the kerning pq. This has 8 main stages, 1 boss
stage, and 2 bonus-style stages (also one exit stage for when you die).

-Stage 1 is killing monsters and collecting passes.
-Stage 2 is breaking boxes and collecting dropped passes
-Stage 3 is breaking boxes, then the boxes summon 3 blocktopus, kill and
collect all the passes.
-Stage 4 is entering darkened rooms and killing special monsters with
different defense capabilities (some magic weak some physical weak)
-Stage 5 is towers you have to climb to break boxes and collect passes
-Stage 6 is a puzzle to get from one place to another (like utah’s farm)
-Stage 7 is killing weak monsters that spawn rombots then killing rombots
-Stage 8 is similar to kerning stage 4, exactly same except needs 5 members
and is harder to jump through
-Boss stage is, kill a dirty rat and it spawns the boss alishar. kill alishar,
and give keys (alishar drops) to leader
-Bonus stage is breaking boxes and collecting prizes from them.
-Determine to adventure(2nd bonus) is talk to the npc, and he gives you your
REAL prize of stuff like a scroll.

-the exit stage is when you die or have to leave during pq, you get taken here

3.Ludi PQ indepth

3.1 – Party Reccomendations –ALERT! A “MUST SEE” WARNING IN HERE


I reccomend having a party of all lvl 40+. Have at least one cleric and also
one sin (you).
There are 3 areas that are REQUIRED to do a pq.

1.A thief with dark sight to do bottom of stage 5
2.A magician with teleport to do top of stage 5
3.An assassin or bowman with maxxed range skill to summon monsters in stage 7.

An assassin is GREAT because they cover both reasons 1 and 3. Then also a
cleric is great because wizards are literally useless at boss stage. clerics
cover reason 2 AND can heal the undead monsters that boss summons and heal
the party.

Best jobs for pq:
1. Assassin 40+
2. Cleric 40+
3. Bandit 45+
4. Spearman 45+ (with HB)
5. Bowmen(both types) 45+
6. Fighter 45+ (with or without rage, but preferred if over +5atk)
7. Page 45+
8. Wizard(either) 40+
9. Perma Beginners(lol. this would just be funny)

I’m not saying wizards are completely useless. They can be used in stage 5
in top portal and 4 in the top three portals if you cannot find a cleric.

A quick tip sent by reader:

It is great when a bandit who thought ahead for PQ gets involved. At first a
bandit is the slower of the two, which he is, but after five points into
haste a beautiful skill called steal is unlocked. Yes, beautiful. Yes adding
zounds of points into is a complete waste, but one point is enough to get
a 11% chance to steal an “extra ticket.” Let me repeat this an “extra
ticket” this is a ticket that is taken from a living monster. No it doesn’t
stop the monster from dropping one at its death too, so what you have is
two tickets from every monster. You may say “oh 11% that will take years.”
I don’t disagree with you, but it is a percentage making it a wild card. 🙁
For some strange reason I get a ticket within the first 10 hits, figures
with 11% “you will steal 1 out of every 10 hits.” This is just a tip from
a bandit, I am really tired of getting down played and forlorened by every
other job.

-Dont worry dude. Everyone loves both types of thiefs for pq. Both sins
and bandits got power, which helps at Alishar, and Dark sight which helps
at stage 5. ^_^

3.2 – Rushing


Rushing has been eliminated from a fully completed pq. Since another party
can enter during bonus, you can’t rush. There are 2 possible ways to rush.
The first is send 3 members out to save names o people incase you miss.
This also might eliminate some parties’ tracks. Then when they least expect
it, have your leader exit and try to clik again ALOT and try to get back in.

3.3 – Time


Ludi pq gives you 1 hour to complete, so it will also take longer to do so.
This is more than enough time because an average pq takes from 30~40 minutes.

3.4 – Tracking


The best and most effective way to get a track is to remmber or record names
from previous tracks. Also, take screenshots and later /find each person in
it. After about a week after you start pqing alot, you might be able
to get a track off the top of your head =)

3.5 – Being Leader


Being The leader of a pq takes alot of responsibility. You have to be able
to click very fast to get your party in the party quest. Then you have to
be very experienced in pq to know what and what not to do/make your members do.
You are also responsible for getting the right type of members, like choosing
a cleric over a wizard. When you are in pq you must keep your party
cooperating and not fighting for spots and such.

3.6 – “Help someone died or d/c’ed”


If someone died, dont panic. A party quest might require six to enter, but
only requires 5 to do the stages. You will need 5 to do stage 8. After stage 8
any amount of people can die, except the leader and 1 person.

4.Assassin’s Edge

4.1 – Why are sins so good for PQ

1. They are NEEDED to actually complete a pq, unless u wanna waste 2 spaces on
a bandit + bowman 2. because they are so strong and fast, and 3.
because of HASTE!!! These will be explained individually in the next

4.2 – Damage


Yes. Sins are very strong. They can be made even stronger by rich people with
better stars and claws. a lvl 50 sin could possibly do like 3k dmg! A group
of sins lvl 45+ could totally OWN alishar in about 1 minute.

4.3 – Accuracy


This is where accuracy counts. Being able to hit alishar is one of many
places where sins and bowmen triumph over all. An assassin almost never
misses alishar, and have no need for sniper potions. It’s all natural
ability :)(except maybe 3x newbies)

4.4 – Range


Range is something very important in pq. Not only in boss stage but it is
used in stage 7. That stage requires max range to complete. You might
say “sure any ol bowman could do that” but read the next section.

4.5 – Jump attack


This (along wth booster) is what makes sins the absolute best at hitting
targets and not getting hit themselves. They cna jump to the target’s
range, swiftly shoot a powerful pair of stars, and jump back before
the enemy has time to start attacking.
If you STILL think assassins equal to bowmen in pq read the NEXT section.

4.6 – HASTE!!!


Haste is a skill used by thiefs that makes the party move FAST! this
is why sins are loved the most. Sins get this skill higher usually
before bandits do. Add this to booster and jump attack. Sins are
already so fast, this just makes them even faster.

4b.Assassin’s unique PQ build

4b.1 – Why a different build?


Those guides that all say “critical first” i think of them as a
piece of trash. That is TOTALLY not the right way to go, pq or
no pq. This build here is a specialy one for an assassin to be
the best PQ’er he can.

4b.2 – Advantages/disadvantages


This build will allow you to be faster, and more liekd in parties
at lower levels. It is all great except it doesnt exactly let u
do 2k dmg anytime soon. You will stick with 1k then at level 40
or so slowly gain up.

4b.3 – the build


Level 30- 1 endure
Level 31- (u shuld lvl from 30-31 in kerning pq) 3 mastery
Level 32- 2 mastery(5) now 1 booster
Level 33- 1 booster 2 haste
Level 34- 3 haste
Level 35- 3 haste
Level 36- 2 haste(10) now 1 critical
Level 37- 3 critical
Level 38- 3 critical
Level 39- 3 critical
Level 40- 3 Critical
Level 41- 2 critical(15) 1 booster
Level 42- 3 haste
Level 43- 3 haste
Level 44- 3 haste
Level 45- 1 haste(MAX) 2 critical
Level 46- 3 critical
Level 47- 3 critical
Level 48- 3 critical
Level 49- 3 critical
Level 50- 1 critical(MAX) 2 mastery
———here ends pq but the guide goes on———
Level 51- 2 endure 1 drain(for fun)
Level 52- 3 mastery
Level 53- 3 mastery
Level 54- 3 mastery
Level 55- 2 mastery(MAX) 1drain
Level 56- 3 drain
Level 57- 3 drain
Level 58- 2 booster(5) 1 drain
Level 59- 3 drain
Level 60- 3 drain
Level 61- 3 drain
Level 62- 3 drain
Level 63- 3 drain
Level 64- 3 drain
Level 65- 3 drain(MAX)
Level 67- 3 booster
Level 68- 3 booster
Level 69- 3 booster
Level 70- 3 booster(17)

You end with
3 endure
20 mastery(MAX)
30 critical(MAX)
20 haste(MAX)
30 drain(MAX)
17 booster

4b.4 – equip-wise


This section explains some equip stuff for the unfunded sin
by unfunded i mean having 5m instead of 30m like most of them

at level 35 get maple claw+7 (u shuld have icys)
at level 40 get adamantium/dark avarice+7 (u shuld have 3 icys)
at level 43 get a kandayo+7(if u got the money only)
at level 45 you should have tobis and perhaps a lower attack w/g
at level 50 you should have a 35 attack any color slain
-and a 4 atk w/g if u can afford (at least 1 tobi too)

at level 55 i had a 35 slain, a 3 atk w/g
as for stars. have 1 tobi, 1/or2 icys, and about 5 kumbis
if u want instead get 3 kumbies and get some mokbis/tops
so u dont run out too much

5. Stage Guide
Just a quick note, this guide is from an assassin’s point of view, and
is how to do pq with an assassin.(in this guide, lets pretend u’r the only
thief here so no fighting for spots)

Also, for full understanding, follow the guide in order.


YAY! you got in pq. now first of all DON’T MOVE! read the following.
make you exit pq. and just WHO would want that?

Ok, lets begin. First of all, use whatever haste you have, booster, and a
warrior pill. Now go up the tower. Kill these ratz and dirty ratz around you.
You will notice, they are stronger, have more hp, and give more exp. Once all
the enemies are dead, all the party members should give all the passes to
the leader. Then arrange who will go to the next stage first (2 people) to
to tower’s trap(see stage 2). Let’s say this time, you and some guy are
selected to go.

Monster Info:

Ratz from another dimension
Weapon Attack:112
Weapon Defense:85
Magic Defense:95

Dirty ratz from another dimension
Weapon Attack:125
Weapon Defense:95
Magic Defense:95

5.2 – Stage 2


Here, you and another person have entered (see stage 1). Make your way slightly
lower to the 2nd blue box from the top. Break that one. You will be sent to
“Tower’s Trap”. There, give an ok to go to your members through party chat.
Head up the tower and break the boxes to get the passes. Head out and give the
passes to your leader. Here your leader will click on the baloons and open the
portal to the next stage, enter it.

5.3 – Stage 3


This time you start near the middle of the map. First haste your members and
either head up or down. Up will require about 2 people. The bottom will require
3-4 people. Break the boxes to summon 3 bloctopus. Kill them to obtain tickets.
The top part will have about 3-4 of them per floor, while the bottom will have
at the very bottom, 9 of them (sins arent good with big mobs). After all of the
enemies have been eliminated, give the passes to your leader. Then the leader
clicks on the baloons to open the portal to the next stage, go in.

Monster Info:

Blocktopus from another dimension
Weapon Attack:115
Weapon Defense:125
Magic Defense:150

5.4 – Stage 4


Here, there are 5 portals. EXCLUDING the VERY top and VERY bottom. the top 3
portals are for a mage to do. Those monsters in there ae weak to magic but darn
strong to….everything else These monsters have sorta sad eyes. The bottom 2
portals are resistant to magic, but physically are weak. These monsters have
sorta mad eyes. The 4th portal has 2 monsters. This means there are 6 passes
in total. Give your pass or passes to the leader and contine to the next
stage when the portal opens.

Monster Info:

Dark eye from another dimension
Level: 43
Experience: 340
HP: 6,500
Accuracy: 120
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 130
Weapon defense: 70
Magic defense: 470
-Strong against ice
-Strong against lightning
-Strong against fire
-Strong against holy

Shadow eye from another dimension
Level: 43
Experience: 340
HP: 7,100
Accuracy: 120
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 130
Weapon defense: 470
Magic defense: 70



Here is one of the places where being a sin is critical to doing a PQ. First
of all, haste your party members, then head near the rope you see right when
you start.
DO NOT GO DOWN THIS ROPE YET! Those down there are no ordinary king block
golems. They are indestructible, doing a damage of OVER 7000! NOT A TYPO!
First, go into dark sight and then go down. enter the portal you see.
You have entered “tower’s Maze”. Here, you will find several floors, each
containing a few king block golems. The only way to make it through is with
dark sight. Use dark sight to dodge the golems and then reach the safe floor.
Break the box and collect the passes. Then go in dark sight again and head
up past the golems. Repeat this process until you are at the top and have the
last pass. You should finish with 4 passes. Head out the portal on top and
dark sight past the beginning golems. then head safely near the baloons and
give your passes to your leader. The leader will then click on the baloons
and open the portal to the next stage.

Amazing tip:

when a cleric or 2 manage to jump down off the rope to get to the platform
below, and an hp-pure page/fighter with maxed power guard stays on the rope
just below the king block gollems, having the clerics spam heal him, he can
touch the King block gollems to death, killing them with his Power Guard.

-hb would help too, and a pure hp fighter would do best, they have more hp

thanks for the tip michael

Monster Info:

King block golem from another dimension
Level: unknown (estimated 200)
Experience: 800 to each member or around it
HP: 99,000
Accuracy: UNavoidable
Avoidability: Impossible to hit
Weapon Attack: Unknown, dmg=7000+
Weapon Defense: unknown, cant be hit
Magic Defense: unknown, cant be hit

5.6 – Stage 6


This stage gives nothing and has no monsters. It is simply a puzzle with
a never-changing combination. Go on top of the box with a number and
press up to use the box. The code for them is…

133 221 333 123 111

Once up top, just enter the portal and head to stage 7

5.7 – Stage 7


(haste + booster recommended)
More monsters await in stage 7. Head up the rope you see to the left. From that
spot, slowly turn right to the tip and kill the first ratz there. Then head up
and be ready to kill the dirty ratz that is there. Once the party has killed
the first rombard kill the dirty ratz. Then head to the third floor. When
the party finishes off the 2nd rombard, kill the bloctopus to spawn the 3rd
and final rombard. As soon as the bloctopus dies, head quickly down to the
bottom of the map and help kill the rombard. Jump attack to avoid the magic
attack. Beware, rombard summons block golems when it is weak. After all passes
are obtained by the leader, he/she clicks the baloon to enter the next stage.

Monster Info:

Ratz from another dimension
Weapon Attack:112
Weapon Defense:85
Magic Defense:95

Dirty ratz from another dimension
Weapon Attack:125
Weapon Defense:95
Magic Defense:95

Blocktopus from another dimension
Weapon Attack:115
Weapon Defense:125
Magic Defense:150

Block golem from another dimension
Weapon attack:145
Weapon defense:130
Magic defense:110

Rombard from another dimension
Weapon attack:175
Weapon defense:185
Magic attack:195
Magic defense:200

as you can see, there are 2 monsters you might mistake.
Rombard, is PQ’s stronger version of Rombot. They’re not
the same one.

5.8 – Stage 8


This is the final main stage. Very similar to Kerning PQ’s 4th stage. The
difference is this puzzle needs 5 people to complete. Snowshoes are recommended
for this stage, especially if you are number 4 or 5. Jumping is pretty tricky
here and you will need to learn how to pwn this stage by experience. The boxes
are aligned like this

Most parties go in a certain order, which is self explanitory. Here is the list
of possibilites in order from what you should try first to last.

12345, 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349, 12356, 12357, 12358, 12359, 12367, 12368,

12369, 12378, 12379, 12389, 12456, 12457, 12458, 12459, 12467, 12468, 12469,

12478, 12479, 12489, 12567, 12568, 12569, 12578, 12579, 12589, 12678, 12679,

12689, 12789, 13456, 13457, 13458, 13459, 13467, 13468, 13469, 13478, 13479,

13489, 13567, 13568, 13569, 13578, 13579, 13589, 13678, 13679, 13689, 13789,

14567, 14568, 14569, 14578, 14579, 14589, 14678, 14679, 14689, 14789, 15678,

15679, 15689, 15789, 16789, 23456, 23457, 23458, 23459, 23467, 23468, 23469,

23478, 23479, 23489, 23567, 23568, 23569, 23578, 23579, 23589, 23678, 23679,

23689, 23789, 24567, 24568, 24569, 24578, 24579, 24589, 24678, 24679, 24689,

24789, 25678, 25679, 25689, 25789, 26789, 34567, 34568, 34569, 34578, 34579,

34589, 34678, 34679, 34689, 34789, 35678, 35679, 35689, 35789, 36789, 45678,

45679, 45689, 45789, 46789, 56789.

Yes I know what you must be thinking. That there are SO MUCH
combinations, but when you play through it, it takes less than it looks like.

this is how its done if you dont already know.
people get on 1/2/3/4/5

the person on 5 moves to 6

then he/she moves to 7, and so on.

once he/she has reached to 9 and the combination was invalid, the “#4 person”
moves to 5, and the last person moves to 6

once you’re down to 1/2/3/8/9, the #3 goes to 4, the 8 goes to 5, and the
9 goes to 6, making it 1/2/4/5/6.

the pattern continues. once its down to 1/2/7/8/9, the #2 goes to 3.
This is complicated to read & learn and must be personally seen/done.

Once you get the right combination, the portal to the boss stage will open.
Enter it.

5.9 – Crack In The Wall (Boss)


This is the “hardest” part of Ludi PQ, the boss, Alishar. Before you do
anything, make sure you are ready, then kill the dirty ratz that is in the
platform whree the box is. Let the pass fall on the box and Alishar will be
summoned. Make sure you are hasted, have booster, used a warrior pill/pot, and
a sniper pill if you are below level 40 just incase. When it has been summoned
nonstop jump attack with lucky seven. Do a back attack when it goes near you
will be out of its magic attack range. As it is weakened, it will summon
chronos, then platooon chronos, then master chronos. Keep attacking alishar
and use cure pots when you are cursed. I don’t recommend all cure pots, for
that is a waste. Instead, in path of time, buy holy waters and eyedrops.
When Alishar dies, let your leader get the keys he drops. Then he/she will
talk to the baloon and be sent to bonus stage.

A quick tip sent by a reader:

Stand on the ledge where the NPC baloon is and attack from there nonstop.
He also noted, Do not count on a cleric for heal. ALWAYS have pots with
you. A cleric can get cursed, and if he/she uses magic guard, his/her
MP will run out very quickly.

-I agree with the cleric part. I personally think most clerics run away
from Alishar when he gets close. I’ve never depended on a cleric and
always used pots i get from determine stage.


and another:

Put cure potions on quickslot or a slot where its NEAR YOUR ATTACK SKILL
SLOT. Thats saves time.
like I put Lucky Seven on X, put it on c. hav it
near the button. bring at least the amount of pots for LV4X.
100 White potions
150 mana pills.
Aviod attacking chronos by all means of jump shoting. They are pretty
annonying even you stand the top part where the sin shoots star for the rat.
700 Damage and 150 damage extra?

-o_O most global players have different key sets than u msea guys. and using
cure pots so quickly is not so urgent, because u almost never get cursed.
I’d say the best way to defeat alishar IS jump attack but its backwards
jump attack specifically. It’s pretty complicated but assassin players
should understand…When u do a jump atk(backwards) wait until the peak
of the jump to attack (with booster of course) this is the technique used
to attack tall monsters in a mob or the farthest away in a mob. this will
probably leave u not being able to move for half a second on the ground
but since its a BACKWARDS jump attack it keeps you out of the enemy’s
attack range.

Monster Info:

Level: 56
Weapon attack:280
Weapon defense:210
Magic attack:260
Magic defense:240

5.010 – Bonus


Here, you will have 1 full minute to break boxes. Then the boxes will drop
mesos, and strong potions. Sometimes they will drop Any color Napoleons’,
and lvl 40 or 50 earrings. The stats are not always avg. Please be considerate
and do not steal what your party members have gotten from one of their boxes.
After your minute is over, (actually a few more seconds than 1 minute) you
will be transported to another map called Determine To Adventure.

5.011 – Determine to adventure


Climb up to the top where you will see an NPC there. Make sure you have at
least 1 slot in etc, use, and equip. Then click on the npc. say next, or yes to
whatever he asks you. You will be taken back to Eos Tower floor 101 and you
will be given a prize. Congradulations, you have completed the treacherous
Ludibrium Party Quest.


6.1 – Some prizes


Here is a list of prizes that “I” know of you can get in the Ludi PQ. There may
be more prizes i don’t know of.

Cat’s eye (also in determine)
Blue moons
Skull earrings
Red heart earrings


in bonus only
Black Napoleon’s
White Napoleon’s
Green Napoleon’s
Blue Napoleon’s
Red Napoleon’s

in determine only
Black Justice cape
White Justice cape
Red Justice cape
Blue Justice cape


in bonus only
Power Elixir
Grape Juice
Ornage Juice
Ice Cream Pop
Red Bean Sundae
Sunrise Dew
Sunset Dew

in determine only
100 white potions
100 white pills
100 blue potions
100 blue pills
10 elixir

i only know of these scrolls but there are probably more

Helm HP
Helm Def
Cape MP
Cape Def
Cape Mdef
Cape STR
Cape INT
Cape DEX
cape LUK
Overall STR
Overall DEX
Overall LUK
Overall INT
Earring Int-
Overall Def-

Glove Atk-
Bottomwear Def-

glove Atk

The ones with an – at the end are the ones sent in by ackmard, a contributer.


7.1 – Credits


I have used the following sources for the making of this guide.’s Ludi PQ guide
Most of the stages part was made with my own knowledge and experience, while
the monster info and such was madfe with the help of others.


I would now like to thank the following people, all in Scania

-SinXxXxX – for getting me in pq countless times(THE BEST!)

-Sh1nob1sin – for getting me in pq alot of times too (2nd best)

-one player, unfortunately i cannot remember his, he got be through a
entire pq in 16 minutes, fastest ever.

-Badboy9393 – Helps alot sometimes like in training with me. (you
might have heard of him as one of the best drop game players in
all of ms!!!)

the guild “Sacrificed” for all the good times, before and after ludi.
(and Lbaorz for making the guild)


These are people who have spotted errors or contributed useful information
after my guide was put up.


– 150k – He provided me with the info in the 2nd area of The
“Crack in the wall” section.

– A guy provided me with the info about bandits, unfortunately he forgot to
leave his ign.

– ackmard (didnt leave ign) – he gave me a small list of scrolls I dont have
listed as prizes.

– lizzinner(msea player) – he sent in some tips about fighting alishar and
pot management.

-michael(not ign) 57 broa cleric – great info about how to kill
the indestructable king block gollems

Contact Info

If you find any errors in my guide or need anything and need to contact me,
chat invite me in game or e-mail to

[email protected]

main IGN’s used are



these IGN’s are from august 30,2006, more might come which will not be
listed here, this is the last update

The Guide To Make A Ton Of Mesos

This is my first guide that I ever made so it might suck a little : ) Enjoy

1) Introduction to the guide

2) So, you wanna make MESOS???

2.1) Making mesos by merchanting

2.2) Making mesos by hunting

2.3) Making mesos by some other ways

3) Tips

5) Credits

1) Introduction to the guide

Are you JEALOUS of all those pros getting like millions of mesos and showing
off by trading and showing you their millions? Will, you can show your own
million mesos by reading this guide for mesos!

2) So, you wanna make MESOS?

Well, do you? The key to making mesos is patience. If you don’t have much
patience, you can’t really get a lot of money. For example, if you got an
above average Mithril pole arm that you are selling, but no one wants to buy
it yet, you should wait. If you succesfully sell it, which is like 100k for
an above average one, that’s a good start. But if you give up and NPC it,
you only get 25k! that is a 75k difference! Patience is the key to a good

2.1) Making mesos by merchanting

Well, like metioned before, you need patience!!! PATIENCE!!! Yes, you do!
Also, you have to be smart. For example, getting a lot of stuff people need
like leather. Leather can be very useful for building equipments. If you NPC
leather for 100 mesos each, it’s not going to be very good. Instead, you
should try selling the leathers to players for I’d say 150-200 mesos each.
Even though it only seems like you are making a 50 mesos profit, if you sell
leathers in large quantities, you will make a very large amount of profit!!!!!
You can also sell screws for 2k each and ores can sell for a lot too! Fame is
also a nice thing to sell, priced around 2-7k depending on the player, Making
profits off noobs are also good =D but I will get to that later…

2.2) Making mesos by hunting

This way is a lot harder than merchandising because you acually have to kill!
This part is more about saving mesos than earning them, but i guess they’re the
same thing really 0_o! To save money here, you should fight monsters that you
can kill in 1-2 hits CONSECUTIVELY!!! That means you ALWAYS 1-2 hit the monster
and not 3, because that would be a waste of pots and time!!! Also, use your
mana wisely. If a monster takes you 1 maxed Magic Claw to kill (20MP) and you
can consistantly kill the monster with 3 minimum lvled energy bolts, (6MP) and
that is 20 mana versus 18 mana. That way, you are conserving 2 mana! Even if
you think 2 mana is nothing, wait till you hear this! You regenerate mana every
10 seconds and let’s say you cast a spell every second. In 10 seconds, that’s
20 mana! Wasted! If you regenerate 40 mana each time, you will only heal 20
instead! And let’s not forget about Magic Guard (if you’re a mage)! But if you
cast 3 seperate spells, that will take up 3 seconds to cast and and you will
cast 3 spells in the 10 seconds and 6 x 10 is 60MP and 20 x 10 is 200MP!!! You
kill less enemies this way, but you save a lot more money.

Also, hunt for monsters that have the most expensive NPC drop because you
want to spend too much time advertising to sell stuff.

2.3) Making mesos some other ways

Well, this part includes quests and some creative ways to make mesos. I guess
I’ll talk about quests first… well. here are some quests that are pretty good
for a beginner.

lvl 1-10 (BTW, I skipped a few quests that I didn’t think was good)

(lvl 10) Fixing Blakcbull’s house

Req: 30 branches and 40 firewood

Prize: Steel Shield or Red Triangular Shield

This quest is very worthwhile because you can get a Red Triangular shield which
is 25k! Do this quest when you are lvl 20 or buy the firewood for 15 mesos each

(lvl 10) I Need Help On My Homework!

Req: 10 slime bubble, 30 tree branch, 30 squishy liquid

Prize: 25 Blue Potions + 250 exp

You can do this quest when you are lvl 10 and this quest is the 2nd best quest!

(lvl 10) The Reason Behind the Mushroom Studies

Req: 40 Orange Mushroom Caps, 10 Mushroom Spores

Prize: 25 Red Potions + 300 exp

I think also a fairly quest to do because this is very easy and you can get 25
pots which is saving 1250 mesos!

(lvl 10) I’m bored

Req: 40 squishy liquid, 40 tree branch

Prize: 25 red potion, 15 blue potion + 250 exp

To me, this is the Best beginner quest. It’s fairly easy and you get a pretty
good prize for such easy monsters to kill and easy questions to answer!

Here are some or easy ways to get money.

Meso Magnet FUN!

a) Leave your computer on for the whole night and go to Henesys Hunting grounds
or any other place where monster drops land on the platform you are standing on
Make sure you are in the first Hunting Ground. Go on a haystack where there
are monsters below. For this you need meso magnet. Just stand on a haystack and
go to bed. When you wake up… Voila! a few hundred thousand mesos! My friend
once got 850k doing that!


b) This is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is go to a map where
there is a pro killing monsters and not bothering to pick up the drops. All you
have to do is run around picking up his items! It’s better to have Meso Magnet
here, but not a must-have item.

Party Stealing! (not recommended)

c) Make a party with some good Maplers and let them kill for you. This is a bad
version of looting. WARNING: YOU MIGHT GET DEFAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Tips

Try not to beg, it will only make people defame you and call you noob. Only beg
if you know that person you’re begging for or he’s your buddy/guild member. I
just can’t say this enough… have PATIENCE! Don’t be impatient. Also, don’t
play drop games!!! You will lose at least once and you will be PISSED! That
once happened to me before and boy did I get PISSED! I actually reported that
dude and I got suspended for a while :-P. You should set up a free market stall
so you can do something else while waiting for an item to sell. And here is my
last tip for you… go into parties with hermits or ChiefDits, they can use a
skills that makes enemies drop more mesos or drop mesos more often. Well, I
guess that wasn’t the last one, make good friends! Get friends that will help
you when your broke and party with you and go hunting. Never get a friend that
will just leech off you items and beg for potions and mesos. Also, help noobs
in need. If you even giv them 100 mesos, they will love you. BTW, i don’t scam
noobs. I was kidding about making profits of noobs. They aren’t that stupid
you know! Some may have friends that can kick your butt and mass defame you!!!
Never try to take advantage of ANYONE! It is an inhumane thing to do! WEll, I
guess that’s all the tips.

4)About Me

WEll, I started Ms a while ago, with a sin. That account was screwed because
it had like 9 Str and 7 Int. I deleted that character and made a Mage. The mage
wasn’t perfect, it had 5 Str and 4 Dex, but I continued that charcter and got
pretty good with it. After my mage got to lvl 30 (ice/lightning), i started a
sin character. That character wasn’t perfect either :”( but i used him anyway.
I next got my mage to fund my thief and i got it 2 mokbis. I played my thief
till lvl 13, that’s when the Aniversery stuff came out I went back to my mage
to hunt for maple lama, maple claw, maple sword and red present. I didn’t get
much except an above average Mithril Pole arm, green bennis chainmail, Brown
Jester (above average :-D) and Green Matty. Overall, it was pretty good lvling
and I didn’t have to pay much for pots. Right now, I’m still hunting for those
items so if you have them, please contact me at [email protected] or my
Ms account: FaetalMage, IKSEDYOU or LEETKser.

5) Credits

– My friend, FaetalArrow who told me some stuff and got me interested in MS
– My Ms friends, who supported me through hardship (like when I had 1k meso)
– Hidden-Street, who let me post this guide
– Hidden-Street, for some the information
– Mapletip, for some of the information
– Wizet, who made this game


Charizard’s Ludibrium PQ Guide

About Ludi PQ
Well, lets get on. Ludi PQ can be done in Ludibrium , at the 101th floor
of Eos TOwer. As this PQ is new in MapleSEA it can sometimes be very crowded
once someone gives away a free track. This PQ consists of 10 stages and
6 members to enter. Once you are in, before you reach the boss stage, no
then 1 person is allowed to die or dc or you cant do Stage 8.When you reach
stage, any amount of people is allowed to die except a party leader and a
If more then 1 person dcs or die during a PQ before boss stage, your leader
has to
click on the toy soldier to get out and restart the PQ again.

PQs in Ludibrium can be done between lvl 35 to 50. Its going to be
Getting In
Make sure your leader can MC very fast on the Red Sign. Mc actuallys stands
for manual click so those of you who plan to be PQ leaders, u have to know
the consequences of being a leader in charge of a party as sometimes if you
do not have a track to get into pq, you may have to MC all the way.
your hands can become quite tired while MCing or you feel like your finger
breaking. So think twice becoming a party leader.

Most important thing to get in is a track. Most people who become party
may not want to mc all the way. Once you have gotton a track, keep /find
-ing the
person till it reaches the last stage , A crack in the Wall. At this stage,
leader should starting Mcing. Gently encourage your leader and if you are
you may get into PQ.

Don’t ever use an AC to get into PQ! AC is a short form of Auto-Click. As
story now has a nProtect, GameGuard,most people cant use AC anymore. But,
people still can. Why is that so? It is believed that people either change
profile of the GameGuard so they can use hacks OR it could be that people
ByPass to hack.So, never use hacks in maplestory or even AC. They are hacks
are easily seen by people. YOu may end up being reported and banned from
maple story for a long period of time. So beware if you are going to use AC.
Stage 1
THis stage consists of fighting. Once you successfully get into PQ, go up
immediately start fighting the Ratz and Dirty Ratz. All of them should drop
pass. Hand them to your leader before you enter stage 2. You need 25 passes
finish this stage so if your leader takes too long to go to where you are to
the passes, keep it with you as if it is left on the ground for too long, it
disappear, making the PQ a failaure.Once you cleared the stage,the leader
talk to the balloon in this stage. Enter the portal to stage 2 once you see
word Clear! on your screen.

Data on the Monsters

Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 32
Experience: 260
HP: 3,700
Accuracy: 80
Avoidability: 13
Weapon attack: 112
Weapon defense: 85
Magic defense: 95

Black Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 34
Experience: 280
HP: 4,300
Accuracy: 90
Avoidability: 14
Weapon attack: 125
Weapon defense: 95
Magic defense: 95
Stage 2
This stage is all about hitting boxes and getting passes from them. There
no monsters in here. Hit all the boxes in this stage except the 2nd box.
you have gotton all the passes, hand them to your leader and he/she will hit
the 2nd box and you will all be teleported to another stage where you have
hit even more boxes. This stage is still Stage 2,but called Tower’s Trap.
you have hit every single box in this stage, go to the top and leave Tower’s
Trap by using the portal. Hand your leader the passes and he will talk to
balloon. Once you have cleared this stage, enter the portal to stage 3.
Stage 3
When you enter this stage, all of you should go down wards and hit the boxes
to summon Bloctopus. Kill them, collect its passes and go up to fight the
rest of the remaining bloctopus and then hand all the passes to your leader.
You need 32 passes to clear this stage. Once you are done, your leader will
the ballon in this stage. Then go towards the portal to Stage 4.

Monster Data

Bloctopus from another Dimension
Level: 35
Experience: 288
HP: 4,900
Accuracy: 100
Avoidability: 15
Weapon attack: 115
Weapon defense: 120
Magic attack: 125
Magic defense: 150
Stage 4
Once you enter this stage, you will see some dark holes to enter and fight
monsters. The top 2 portals are for mages as the monsters inside are weak to
attack. The last 3 portals below are weak to phisical attacks. One of the
weak to Phisical attacks should have 2 monsters inside. WHen you enter
either one of
these holes, you will be at a place called Tower of Darkness(i think
so).When you
have finished killing the monsters inside, take its pass and grope about in
the darkness
for the ladder and get out. Mark the portals you have already been in, with
10 messos
or an item so that no one will go into the same portal twice. When you are
done, hand
all your passes to your leader and he/she will click the balloon in this
stage. Then,
enter the portal to Stage 5.

Monster Data

Dark Eye from Another Dimension (this monster is weak to phisical attacks)
Level: 43
Experience: 340
HP: 6,500
Accuracy: 120
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 130
Weapon defense: 70
Magic defense: 470
Strong against ice
Strong against lightning
Strong against fire
Strong against holy
Shadow Eye from Another Dimension(this monster is weak to magic attacks)

Level: 43
Experience: 340
HP: 7,100
Accuracy: 120
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 130
Weapon defense: 470
Magic defense: 70

Stage 5
When you enter this stage, a thief should take the bottom floor. But she/he
has to on dark sight first to get past these King Block Gollems as these
hit 8k Hp! Hit the boxes and return to the top with the passes. THen, the
should enter the top portal and teleport down. This stage is only for
drop to the bottom after hitting the first box then climb up to hit more.
WHen you
are done , drop to the bottom again and get out using the portal.The rest of
members should take the other portals and mark them as usual when you have
it. Then hand your passes to the leader who will click the ballon in this
stage to
go on to stage 6.

Monster data

King Block Golem from Another Dimension (note: DO NOT ATTACK!!!)
Level: 200
Experience: 1
HP: Invincible
Accuracy: 999
Avoidability: 999
Weapon attack: 999
Weapon defense: 999
Magic defense: 999

Stage 6
In this stage, you have to jump in the correct order of the boxes and press
you finish, there will be a portal for you at the top to enter to Stage 7.
FOr those
who do not know the order, this is the order : 133 221 333 123 111. This
never changes. It remains the same. WHen you are done, press up on the
portals and
you will appear in stage 7.

Stage 7
In this stage, an assassin or bowman who has a long range attack the 3 rat
at the top. It is recommended to kill 1 ratz,wait for the party to finish
killing the
1st rombot before killing another Ratz as Rombots are pretty hard to kill.
THe rest
of the party should go down and wait for a rombot. While you kill the
rombot,it will
summon Block gollems on the way as its hp lowers. QUickly kill them and get
back to the
rombot. Then hand all the passes to your leader who will talk to the balloon
in this
stage to enter stage 8.

Monster Data

Block Golem from Another Dimension
Level: 40
Experience: 408
HP: 6,500
Accuracy: 150
Avoidability: 12
Weapon attack: 145
Weapon defense: 130
Magic defense: 110
Strong against lightning
Strong against ice
Weak to fire

Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 32
Experience: 260
HP: 3,700
Accuracy: 80
Avoidability: 13
Weapon attack: 112
Weapon defense: 85
Magic defense: 95

Rombot from Another Dimension
Level: 47
Experience: 850
HP: 33,000
MP: 220
Accuracy: 150
Avoidability: 18
Weapon attack: 175
Weapon defense: 185
Magic attack: 195
Magic defense: 200
Stage 8
When you enter this stage, you will realise it is almost similar to that of
Kerning PQ. the boxes are arranged in this order :


As there are 9 boxes, you may take a longer time to do this stage. Do not
on Haste in this stage as you will have a harder time trying to get on the
Some numbers like 6,7 and 8 are quite difficult to reach. The only way to
reach them
is to, example : jump from the floor to number 3 then fall on your right
side to
reach number 7. Or Jump on number 4 from the ground and drop to your left
side to
reach number 6 or drop to your right side to reach number 8. Pretty

The orders go like this :
,12567,12568,12569,12578,12579,12589,12678,12679,12689,12789 and maybe even
on and on and

When you have gotton the correct combination, a portal will open and you can
enter it
to get to the last stage.
A Crack in the Wall
When you enter this stage, which is often known as Stage 9 or last stage, on
all your
skills like: example, Haste,Meditation or even accuracy pill.

When you are done, an assassin or bowman with a long range shoot the ratz on
platform that is difficult to reach. When it drops a pass, it must come in
with the box on that platform to summon Alisha. If it fails to do so, you
are doomed!

When Alisha is summoned, immediately start fighting it. If you have a
he/she must start healing non-stop! It can be very troublesome
as it will keep cursing or blocking your attacks from being used. Use all
Cure potions
to get rid of those and quickly get back to fighting. WHen its HP lowers, it
first start summoning Chronos, followed by Platoon Chronos then Master
When you have killed it, your leader should pick up the key it dropped and
talk to
the balloon to get to bonus stage.

Monster Data

Level: 56
Experience: 4,800
HP: 125,000
MP: 2,500
Accuracy: 160
Avoidability: 26
Weapon attack: 280
Weapon defense: 210
Magic attack: 260
Magic defense: 240
Strong against ice
Strong against fire
Strong against lightning
Strong against holy
Strong against poison

Black Ratz from Another Dimension
Level: 34
Experience: 280
HP: 4,300
Accuracy: 90
Avoidability: 14
Weapon attack: 125
Weapon defense: 95
Magic defense: 95

Platoon Chronos
Level: 41
Experience: 99
HP: 2,050
MP: 50
Accuracy: 145
Avoidability: 22
Weapon attack: 125
Weapon defense: 130
Magic attack: 142
Magic defense: 160

Master Chronos
Level: 46
Experience: 115
HP: 2,600
MP: 70
Accuracy: 155
Avoidability: 24
Weapon attack: 130
Weapon defense: 170
Magic attack: 160
Magic defense: 200

Level: 37
Experience: 82
HP: 1,750
MP: 30
Accuracy: 135
Avoidability: 20
Weapon attack: 117
Weapon defense: 90
Magic defense: 120
Bonus Stage
In this stage, you are only given one minute to hit boxes. Don’t bother
up anything unless it is pots or Napolean. Napoleans are very common in this
You can also find other things like earings.ect. When your timer hits 50
anybody outside can enter PQ so if you want to chiong, when you get in,
leave this stage, collect your prize and go and talk to the Red SIgn
quickly. If you
decide to stay, it is alright too.
When you leave bonus stage, talk to a man to receive your prize. Once you
have done
so, you will be teleported outside to Eos Tower : 101th Floor again.

Potions : 100 blue pots
10 Elxairs
and lots more…
Equip : Napoleans of different colours
Earings : Blue moon
Ects : Ores of different types
Scrolls : 100% scrolls : a lot..
60% scrolls : lots
10% scrolls : many different types too

So overall, you should get around 36k experience from this PQ
– Thank-you to readers reading my PQ guide.

Some Tips
– Be polite to your party members, if you are rude, the leader of the party
may kick
you or people may leave your party.

– In bonus stage, don’t loot your party member’s items like Napolean if they
are lucky
to find it. They may end up cursing you.

– Be helpful and help your party members kill monsters.

– Be at least level 40 before you do PQ or you may end up having a hard time
in PQ.

General Party Quest Guide


1.0.1: What is Party Quest?
1.0.2: How to get into a party
1.0.3: How to get in the quest
1.0.4: 1st stage
1.0.5: 2nd stage
1.0.6: 3rd stage
1.0.7: 4th stage
1.0.8: Last (5th) stage
1.0.9: Bonus and Exit
1.1.0: Rewards
1.1.1: Rushing, Scouting, Tracking and Hogging
1.1.2: Try to…
1.1.3: You noob…!
1.1.4: PQ in a nutshell
1.1.5: General Tips and Tricks
1.1.6: Alternatives to PQing
1.1.7: Version History

2.0.1: Contacting


1.0.1 What is Party Quest?


Party Quest, or PQ, is a quest that many people flock to in order to get
mass-experience gain. It
is a very good way to get rare items and upgrade scrolls, as well as healing
items (for more
information, see the Rewards section (1.1.2)) that would otherwise cost you
a couple thousand
mesos. The prizes are also quite valuable, so you can sell them if you don’t
need them. It is
started at Kerning City in Victoria Island, near the left-bottom corner. You
will notice that a
good many people are there in many channels. Finding a deserted channel is
near-impossible, unless
you log in at 2 or 3am (By American standards). Only one party can go in at
once. By ‘party’, I
mean group of 4 people who are between the levels 21 and 30. Because of
this, many people are
waiting at the sewers, so if you do not have a fast computer, just level the
normal way. You will
lag, and no-one likes lagging.

NOTE: There is also a Party Quest in Ludibrium for lv35s – 50s.


1.0.2: How to get into a party


To create a new party, you have to press ‘R’ and click on the party tab,
then click Create to make
one. Then you can either copy down a character’s name, press Invite and type
their name to send an
quick invitation. If someone is causing trouble in the party, just highlight
their name and press
Banish to expel them. If you wish to leave your party, just open the party
window and press Leave.
NOTE: If you are the leader and you leave, the party is immediately
disbanded. Or if you wish to
join a party, not be leader, go to a channel where someone is saying ‘2/1
slot(s) left for PQ’ and
respond ‘ME!’ or ‘looking 4 pq’ and you will most likely get the invitation.
Mages, Bowmen and Sins
tend to get in most often, whilst Warriors and Bandits are less likely to
get in, due to their near
uselessness. Stating your level and class is a good idea. If you are level
23 and under, perhaps it
wouldn’t be a good idea. Mages are always good, and high-level bowmen.
Everyone likes level 28-30s,
so go forward and say so if you are. If you are a Sin, say what stars you
throw too.


1.0.3: How to get into the quest


To get into the quest, the leader must click on Lakelis when the quest is
empty. But other parties
are also trying to get in, so be prepared for some competition if you are
the leader. Click
casually in case the inside party comes out early, but don’t wear yourself
out. Have your parties
notify you when the inner party is in the Bonus stage, or the Exit, or out
in Kerning City. When
this happens, the leader should click like mad. If your party continues to
bother you, just ignore
them and continue clicking. With a bit of luck, the screen will fade out as
if you entered another
area and you’ll appear in…


1.0.4: 1st Stage

| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | | __
| | | | ____ | \ \_______
| | ___ | | / / | \________\
| | ________/ / | | ___________/ / |
| | /__________/ | | /______________/
| | |
| | __ |
| | \ \__________ | ________
| | \___________\ | |_______| ________
| | | |_______|
___ |
| | | ______/
_/ |
| | _____ | /_______/
| | \___/ | ________________________
| | | \__________________ \___
| | __ __ | \___ \__
| | \ \______/ / | \_______\
| | \________/ |
| | | ______ __
| | ________ | \____/ ________/ /
| | |________| | /_________/
| | | |
| ___________ | |
| | ______ | | ___|_
______ |
| | / \ | | \__ \ |
| | | | | | \ \ |
| | | | | | \ \ CCC |
PPP ||
| | | NNNN | | | \ \____ CCC |
PPP ||
| | | NNNN | | \______\ CCC |
PPP ||


Key – N = Nella
C = Cloto
P = Portal

This is my poor rendition of the 1st stage, at least to my memory. The
solidish shapes are solid
platforms, the vertical lines are vines and the letters are explained above.


The members must go and talk to Cloto and receive their question, then
collect coupons equal to the
answer of the question from the Ligators on the platforms. The Ligators have
around 800 health and
reduced avoidability. The questions and the answer are stated below, from
smallest to largest.

NOTE: The Ligators have a 99% chance of dropping coupons.


Minimum level for the mage’s 1st job advancement
Minimum level for the warrior’s/bowman’s/thief’s 1st job advancement
Amount of experience it takes to get from level 1 to 2
Minimum INT needed for the 1st mage to advancement
Minimum DEX needed for the 1st thief/bowman advancement
Minimum STR needed for the 1st warrior advancement

Mages should have no trouble taking out the Ligators one-by-one. Bowmen
should find it moderately
easy, whilst Thieves find it tedious and difficult at times. Lv 28 + members
should all find it
simple, no matter what the class. Tough, but if everyone helps (including
the leader), it should be
quite possible. Once you have all your coupons (no more, no less), talk to
to receive a yellow Pass
which should be dropped and handed to the leader. Remember, when you are
done, help others.


The leader has to wait on the other members to collect their coupons from
the Ligators. He/she then
collects the passes and once all 3 (2 if one member dies) passes are within
his/her grasp, he/she
talks to Cloto. Everyone receives 100 exp and the portal opens to…



1.0.5 2nd Stage
| |
| | | |
| |
| NNN | | CCC |
PPPP | |
| NNN | | CCC |
PPPP | |
| NNN | | CCC |
PPPP | |


Key – N = Nella
C = Cloto
P = Portal

More of my questionable artwork. The solidy shapes are, once again,
platforms. The lines are vines.


The members must choose a vine to climb on – any vine. Two members cannot be
on the same vine. When
all 3 members are on a separate vine each, then the leader snaps into work.
If a huge ‘WRONG’ comes
up, the have a memeber next to an empty vine move to that vine. Then have
the leader work again. Go
in 1 direction until, finally, a huge ‘CLEAR’ goes onto the screen. Proceed
through the portal.


The leader waits until the 3 members are on the vines, then clicks on Cloto
to trigger a huge wood
thing reading ‘WRONG’ or ‘CLEAR’ to come up. When the sign comes up ‘WRONG’,
the leader clicks
until a ‘CLEAR’ comes up and everyone gets 200 exp.


1.0.6 3rd Stage

_________ |
| 5 4 /
_____ \ |
| _______ _______ |
/PPPPP\ | |
| \_____/ \_____/ |
|PPPPP| | |
| 1 3 |
|PPPPP| | |
| ______ _______ |
|PPPPP| | |
| \____/ 2 \_____/ CCC |
|PPPPP| | |
| _______ CCC /
——- \ |
| \_____/ CCC /
\ |
| ___
| |_| /
| ___________/
| /
| NNN /
| NNN /
| NNN /


Key – N = Nella
C = Cloto
P = Portal

Again, this artwork is slightly sub-par (who am I kidding, it blows), but
Nella is supposed to be
at the far bottom left next to a slope.


This is slightly confusing. What you must do is jump on one of the
platforms. You’ll notice there
are kittens on each platform. The numbers above refer to the number of
kittens. Sorta like the 2nd
stage, you have to jump on a possible platform. Let the person with the
least hp go on platform 1.
You should try every possibility. Use the standard numerical brute force
format –

123, 124, 125, 134, 135, 145, 234, 235, 245, 345

If you don’t get it, here are some step-bystep directions (but I would try
to make sense of the
above, it’s easier then alt/tabbing like mad). Once all three members are on
a separate platform
each, the leader should click on Cloto.

Format Changes

1,2,3 None
1,2,4 Person on 3 moves to 4
1,2,5 Person on 4 moves to 5
1,3,4 Person on 5 moves to 4, person on 2 moves to 3
1,3,5 Person on 4 moves to 5
1,4,5 Person on 3 moves to 4
2,3,4 Person on 1 moves to 2, person on 5 moves to 3
2,3,5 Person on 4 moves to 5
2,4,5 Person on 3 moves to 4
3,4,5 Person on 2 moves to 3

10 possibilities. You’l get it eventually.


Wait until all three members are on, then click on Cloto, like the last
time. You may also want to
lead the group by calling out the sequence. ‘WRONG’ or ‘CLEAR’ will appear.
When the giant ‘CLEAR’
appears, everyone gets 400 exp and the portal opens to…


1.0.7 4th Stage
| _
| |1|
| — —
________ |
| |2||3| CCC
|PPPP| |
| — — — CCC
|PPPP| |
| |4| |5| |6| CCC
|PPPP| |
| ____|
| ____|
| —–|——-
| | |___
| | |____
| | |_______
| | |______
| | —|—
| NNN ____|
| NNN ___|
| NNN |


Key – 1,2,3,4,5,6 = Barrels
P = Portal
C = Cloto
N = Nella

This one seems a little better…but anyway, the boxy things are barrels,
which will be explained
later and the stair things are platforms, which you have to climb (you spawn
near Nella).


Get up to the top first. Then choose a barrel (1, 2, 3) and hop on. You have
to toggle your arrow
keys a bit to be able to get up the barrels. Let the person with the lowest
hp go on 1 again. You
WILL need it. VERY similar to the last, but add a few to the list, which
goes –


Confusing, huh? Make some sense of it by memorising it and having everyone
stand on the barrels in
order. Most people know it, so if you’re unsure, you might be able to ask.
If you’re REALLY unlucky
and are in a party of PQ newbies, then just remember your 6th grade maths
classes on patterns.


Wait until your party members are on a barrel, then click on Cloto (Deja Vu,
anyone?). This may
take longer, but again, a huge ‘CLEAR’ has to appear. If the combination is
wrong, then the game
will reinforce the fact with the trade mark ‘WRONG’. When the ‘CLEAR’
finally comes, then everyone
gets a juicy 800 exp and the portal opens for the final challenge…


1.0.8 Last Stage
| | |
| NNN CCC | |
| NNN CCC | |
| NNN_________
| ___________/
| |_|
| |_|
| |_|
| __|_|__ __________
| \_____/ \_____|_|/
| |_|
| WWW |_|
|____111________CURSE EYES x

| __111_ ____
| \____/ \__/
| |_|
| |_|
| |_| WWW
|___________|_|_____J.R NECKIS x

| ____
| ____ \__/ ____
| ____ \__/ \__/ ____
| _______ \__/ \__/ WWW
| | |_| | __
| | |_| | / \ | |_|
| | |_| | _\__/ | |_|
| | |_| | ___/_____ | |_|
| | |_| | / \ | |_|
| | |_| | / \ | |_|
| | |_| | / o o \ | |_|
| | |_| | / \ | |_|
| | |_| | \ \_____/ / | |_|
| | |_| | \ / | |_|
| | |_| | \___________/ | |_|


Key – N = Nella
C = Cloto
W = Warp Portals

Really, that is the most hilarious rendition of a giant ‘lv23 and below unit
murderer’ ever – the
KING SLIME! the beams are platforms, the words represent how many monsters
and the type of the
fiend. The laddery things are, well…ladders. The clump next to Cloto is
the unused portal.


Three words sum up your simple task. KILL, KILL, KILL! Simply put,
obliterate the monsters on each
of the 3 levels. The Jr Neckis are very easy – they now have 10 avoidability
instead of 25. Thieves
and mages should go straight for them. Warriors are pretty much no help on
this level (sorry all)
unless they are level 26/27ish and have a high amount of dexterity. They CAN
kill the Neckis though
(and maybe help with the Curse Eyes and even the King). When a monster dies,
they drop a yellow
thing you will recognise as the pass required for the 1st stage. The next
section outlines what
they are for. One more thing, you can’t corner the monsters and kill them.
For some reason Wizet
hates cheap play and the monster won’t drop a pass upon getting killed in a
corner. You need ALL 10
PASSES to get your big reward, so if there is a cornered Jr Necki, wait for
it to come out first.
Have your leader get the dropped passes. Now, the big boss…

NOTE: A new patch has made it so corner kills have a chance of dropping.


HP = 8000
MP = 100

Wpn Atk = 130
Mgc Atk = 160
Wpn Def = 160
Mgc Def = 160
Speed = 0
Hit Cap = 140
Avd Cap = 10

Special Attack

Tremor – Jumps up and deals extreme magic type (I think) damage to all
within range
Summon – Calls numerous smaller slimes (lv6)
Separate – Splits into smaller slimes (lv6) upon death

Wow. A whole section dedicated to this guy. He is a harsh fellow, dealing
200+ damage to even lv30s
with his Tremor attack. Aside from that, he can barge into you like mad, as
well as annihilate all
who dare to solo him (well, not really). Mages are most effective, followed
by Bowmen, then Rogues,
and Warriors and Bandits. Mages will cleave this guy easily, and Bowmen are
great supporters with
Double Arrow. Thieves with good stars (Steely, Icicles, Tobis, Kumbi) with
Lucky Seven are effective.
Warriors can do some damage, but not much. Damage is usually 1-100, even if
your status screen says
otherwise. Mages HAVE TO use Magic Guard/Magic Armor to prevent being
obliterated. Warriors have a
less harsh time surviving. Eye of the Amazon is good for Archers, as you
want to be as far away
from this guy as possible. Same goes for Thieves and Keen Eyes. If you are
low on Hp, get up the
ladders and heal quick. Thieves can use Dark Sight to escape easily.
Disorder does wonders to the
King Slime. Some say it does nothing. I think damage goes up considerably.
Iron Body and Magic
Armor are so obviously a plus. Now, onto attacking him.


Use Iron Body (Warrior) and rush in with Power Strike/Disorder x 1, Double
Stab. If you don’t have
Iron Body or you are a Bandit get ready to run or heal. When Mp runs out,
attack normally as long
as you can without going into 2 digit Hp amounts.


Slap on your favoured protection (Magic Armor/Magic Guard/Both) and
experiment a bit. Stay as far
away as possible and try Magic Claw/Energy Bolt (If you don’t have it for
some reason). If it
doesn’t hit, move a bit closer, because your casting range is just past his
Tremor range. Keep on
casting unless healing is required.


Hopefully your Passive skills (Blessing of Amazon, Eye of Amazon, Critical
Shot) are close to maxed
out. You might want to activate Focus in case that extra avoidability comes
in handy. Follow the
same guidelines as the mage – get on the very edge of your range (which
should be long due to Eye
of Amazon) and Double Arrow/Arrow Blow away. Heal when necessary.


Follow the Mage/Bowman guidelines – get on the very far edge of your
throwing range and hurl away
using Lucky Seven. Dark Sight when low on health will guarantee survival, so
use it and flee to the
laddertops for healing.

Another note from Greg Morson, if you have music/FX on, listen for a squeak.
That is when you jump.

After a while, he’ll send out a signal with his antenna thing. Several small
slimes (lv6, 50Hp) now
appear and disrupt your attack wave for a few seconds. You should notice a
few small platforms up
the top. When the slime chases you to one side, climb up, jump to the other
side and fall down so
you can attack him from behind. When he dies, multiple slimes will pop up.
Some people say that you
shouldn’t kill them because your prize becomes worse. I experimented by
killing them against my
party’s will, and the received prizes were 5 gold ores, 3 diamond ores, Mana
Elixir x 50, Screws.
So no penalty for killing the slimes.


1.0.9 Bonus and Exit


The bonus stage is filled with Green Mushrooms and HornED Mushrooms. I
refuse to call them Horn(i).
They are there for two purposes. One, to give that extra bit of experience
people need to level up.
Two, to give people a chance to show each other their rewards and talk about
scouting and rushing.
The Green Mushrooms give 26 exp and drop Pan Lid, a much sought after Common
class shield. They
also drop Green Mattys, which Magicians use at lv35 (very good seller) and
lv 25 + 35 bowman armor.
Zecos (lv40 spears) are a rarer drop, but can be sold for 140k+ to Spearmen.
Horned Mushrooms give
a good 35 exp and drop plenty of Warrior equipment, including Mithril
Polearms, Cutluses and Zecos.
A Brown Jester for Magicians, also dropped, is a sought after hat that puts
up speed. Lv 35 bowmen
hats and lv35 bandit hats too. I think the drop rate in the Bonus stage is
higher than anywhere out
in the world, because once my party found a Blue Polefeather Hat, a Cutlus
and a Steel Halfglove in
one Bonus. To get out of the bonus, click on Nella in the right hand bottom
corner. If the leader
leaves, everyone is expelled. You’ll end up in a small map, known as the
Exit. This is where you
end up if you die during the party quest or if you leave via the Cash Shop
or Nella. Click on Nella
again to wind up anywhere in Kerning City. If you are the leader, this
matters, because you want to
repeat the Quest for more experience and rewards. To increase these chances,
read the section about
scouting and tracking. Don’t take too long, because that is hogging, which
is explained later on.


1.1.0 Rewards


These are rewards received after the Last Stage in alphabetical order (or
close to).

Good, useful or valuable items will be outlined.

Mineral Ores

8 Adamantium Ores
8 Bronze Ores
5 Gold Ores (valuable)
8 Mithril Ores
8 Orihalcon Ores
8 Silver Ores
8 Steel Ores (valuable)

Jewel Ores

8 Amethyst Ores
8 Aquamarine Ores
3 Black Crystal Ores (valuable)
3 Diamond Ores (valuable)
8 Emerald Ores
8 Garnet Ores
8 Opal Ores
8 Sapphire Ores
8 Topaz Ores

Usable Items

100 Red Potions
100 Orange Potions
70 White Potions (decent)
100 Blue Potions (decent)
15 Pure Waters
50 Mana Elixirs (decent)
10% Scroll for Overall Defense
10% Scroll for Topwear Defense
10% Scroll for Bottomwear Defense
10% Scroll for Glove Dexterity
10% Scroll for Helmet Defense
10% Scroll for Overall Dexterity (valuable)
10% Scroll for Topwear Dexterity
10% Scroll for Bottomwear Dexterity

Equippable items

Yellow Square Earrings (lv20)
Weight Earrings (lv20) (needed for lv25 earring quest)
Gold Ring Earrings (lv25)
Red Cross Earrings (lv25)
Lightning Earrings (lv30)
Emerald Earrings (lv30)
Star Earrings (lv30)
Sapphire Earrings (lv35) (valuable)
Green Bamboo Hat (lv25) (bowman + warrior find useful)
Blue Bamboo Hat (lv25) (bowman + warrior find useful)
Brown Bamboo Hat (lv25) (thief + magician find useful)


30 Screws (useful)


1.1.1 Rushing, Scouting, Tracking and Hogging


The above terms will all have their own section for easy reading.


Rushing is when your party finishes and decides ‘Let’s PQ again!’, which is
80% of the time. The
best way to rush is through use of Scouting (See below) and a bit of Hogging
(see below again). The
Scout gives the all clear is when the leader clicks Nella. Everyone clicks
Nella again quickly and
then proceed to the sewers or stay hidden to prevent Tracking (again, see
below). Hopefully, you’ll
have gotten in again and the outside parties are frustrated at your skilful
return to the PQ.


Scouting is a job anyone except the leader can do. If anyone needs to stock
up on potions or needs
to buy new gear, then they are 1st priority for scouting. Scouts should copy
down names in case the
party misses, and tells when they have all the names via party chat. Then
they hide to prevent any


The miracle of ‘/find’ is with you in this game. What is ‘/find’, you ask.
It is the ability to
instantly locate anyone on your server, provided they are on the same
channel as you. If you miss a
PQ, but you saw someone disappear and got their name, press Return/Enter and
type ‘/find *********’
where ********* is the name of the person you saw disappear. If you’re
lucky, then it will come up
with ‘********* is currently at <1st accompniment> <1st Stage>’ and you have
your track. Continue
to track your victim. As she/he grows closer to the end of the quest, update
your party. Tell the
leader to start clicking hard a few minutes into the Last stage. Once the
inner party reaches the
Bonus Stage, yell out ‘BONUS’ through party chat and gently encourage your
leader to click. Do not
press for a response from the leader, as they are busy clicking. Don’t keep
screaming ‘GO GO GO!’,
or he/she will become distracted.


This is basically being a loser and staying in Bonus for an extended period
of time. People outside
may whisper angry insults at you. If so, get out quick. You can hog for a
while and suddenly go out
to confuse trackers. This slightly improves your chances of Rushing.


1.1.2 Try to…



Encourage your leader when trying to get in. A morale boost never hurt

Track as often as you can – so your chat screen is filled with the
exclamation of location.

Help others once you are finished with your pass. (1st Stage)
Don’t loot from others – KSing is OK, because you all get experience, but
don’t loot. (1st Stage)

Co-operate with the others. (2nd, 3rd, 4th Stages)

Help defeat the Curse Eyes – 4 people on 1 Curse Eye is VERY effective.
(Last Stage)

Team up against the King Slime – Everyone pitching in makes this boss much
weaker. (Last Stage)

Not to hog (Bonus)


Click fast.

Stay close to Lakelis, but stay behind NPCs (JM from tha Streetz) or people.

Start killing Ligators once inside. (1st Stage)

Co-ordinate everyone in the formations. (2nd, 3rd, 4th Stages)

If you lag or don’t click very fast, try to get someone else to be leader


1.1.3 You noob…!


Don’t get annoyed at people who can’t kill or hit Ligators or can’t help in
the Last Stage. Just be
positive and try even harder to make up for them. Getting angry only leads
to bad morale – remember
that if one person gets angry and leaves the party, the whole party is
kicked out. Be friendly –
just because they can’t get in formation properly doesn’t mean they aren’t
trying. Many people are
on their 1st ever PQ, so don’t stress.


1.1.4 PQ in a nutshell


This is a lite version of the above stuffs (for people who know the basics
of MS)


– Get into a party
– Talk to Cloto
– Kill Ligators until you get the required amount of tokens
– Talk to Cloto again
– Give Pass to leader
– Go through portal
– Jump on Vine
– Try combinations until the portal opens
– Go through portal
– Go up the hill
– Try combinations until the portal opens
– Go through portal
– Jump up the hill
– Try combinations until the portal opens
– Go through portal
– Jump down
– Kill the Evil Eyes
– Take the portal
– Jump/Climb down
– Kill Jr. Neckis
– Take portal
– Climb down
– Kill King Slime
– Go up to Cloto
– Talk to Cloto
– Use Bonus as you wish
– Repeat


– Start a party
– Get three characters
– Get in
– Start killing Ligators
– Collect passes
– Talk to Cloto
– Go through portal
– Talk to Cloto once members are on vines
– Go through portal
– Go up the hill
– Talk to Cloto once members are on platforms
– Go through portal
– Jump up the hill
– Talk to Cloto once members are on barrels
– Go through portal
– Jump down
– Kill Evil Eyes
– Collect Passes
– Kill Jr. Neckis
– Collect Passes
– Kill King Slime
– Collect Pass
– Talk to Cloto
– Talk to Cloto again
– Use Bonus as you wish
– Repeat


1.1.5 General Tips and Tricks



Once you’re in a party, find somewhere remote and desolate and stay there.
That way trackers can’t
find you.

Crowd around you leader on the bottom step of the steps leading up to
Lakelis. The leader won’t be
tracked, so your chances of getting in increase.

1st Stage

There are some spots on the vines that the Ligators can reach – if you rest,
choose somewhere
without murderous crocodiles. The bottom is recommended.

Attack together. There is one platform where the Ligators are especially
abundant, and one person
simply cannot compete (Above the lower-left one; it is a V shape).

Keep killing even after you’ve finished – the coupons can be useful for
others, but your main
incentive is all that experience.

2nd Stage

Go in a clockwise pattern. The first pattern you should try is top right,
bottom right, bottom left
because they are the three closest to the exit.

3rd Stage

Have the person with the least Hp stand on platform 1 so they can have 20-30
sec of Hp regen.

4th Stage

Toggle the left and right keys a bit to jump upwards. Teleporting works too
(lv30 wizards)

Have the person with the least Hp stand on barrel 1 so they can have 30-50
sec of Hp Regen.

Last Stage

Team up against the Curse Eyes and King Slime. Attack the Curse Eyes from
one side so it takes a
continuous stream of damage with no chance to recover. It paralyses them so
they can’t hurt you. Be
careful against the King Slime – Attack from two sides so as to confuse it.

Weaker people should attack the Neckis and skip the Curse Eyes – it’s much


The weaker potions are more economic – 3 Red Potions heal 150 Hp, just like
Orange Potions, but use
up only 150 mesos. 10 mesos in your pocket. Every little thing counts, so
save, save, save!

If you can’t hit anyone, try using the various stat increasing pots. They
can be bought anywhere,
and some monsters drop them. Warriors should try the Warrior and Sniper
potions if they can’t hit
Ligators. Mages can try using the Magic potion, or the rarer Wizard potion
dropped by Horned

Use pots whenever more than 1/2 your half is depleted. Same goes for Mp.



Try and take on crowded places with Slash Blast and help lv21s – 24s with
Power Strike in the 1st
stage. You have more Hp restoration than others. Donate pots if others need
em. Power Strike the
King Slime as much as your meagre MP will allow. Also, you can massacre the
Curse Eyes EASILY with
Power Strike. Do it and save your party some trouble.


Use Magic Guard + Magic Armor on Stages 1 and last. This prevents death VERY
well. Besides, Mp can
be recovered. Try at hit the King Slime from as far away as possible. If
you’re lv30 with Teleport
(good choice) then you can use it on the barrel stage. Spam Magic Claw.
Seriously. Go crazy with it
on the 1st and last stage. Use your flashlight range (triangular) to hit


Hit Slimey with skills as much as possible – Critical Shot increases damage
and encourages knockbak
which helps everybody. Use the little platforms – Jump behind Slimey. Then
go crazy with AB or DS.
Use your flashlight range well and spam Arrow Blow/Double Arrow. Stock up on
whatever arrows/bolts
you may need, and get bronzed projectiles if you can.


Dark Sight is good. Sins should go mad with Lucky Seven. BDits should just
attack, like warriors.
Sins should make use of their jump L7 in the 1st stage. If you have haste,
use it (lv30). Don’t use
pots sparingly – spam em. Buy some good stars (30k – 5mil) and save some
trouble. Never use Subis
because they are SO WEAK. Try Kumbis or, if you have the cash, Snowballs or
even Steelys.

Recommended Equipment


Raggedy Capes are good because of the avoid. When you hit 26, get a White-
bottom Boot from the FM
or Henesys. Scroll it if you must (Jump or Speed, DEX is pointless). This
adds a bit of speed.
Thieves, if you have the money, should get an Attack Workglove. They cost
a fortune, but are well
worth it. About 50 mil for a 10 atk. Mages and Thieves should try to get a
Mystic Shield or Wrist-
guard (respectively). Starry Bandanas are fun, and add decent defence.


Try Blue or Green Bamboo hats for an easier time. The Dark Master Sergeant
is a good idea – it will
defintely help strength. The Venon isn’t THAT great a glove, but it’s quite
easy to get (lv15 quest).


Use whatever equipment is best for your level – don’t bother skipping
yet. Right now, the cost
is small, so go ahead and buy. The Wizard Staff/Wand identify you as a top-
notch pqer (mages are
always wanted) and increase your chance to get into a party.


Not very exped in this field. The Battle Bow (lv25) increases chance to get
in. Bennis Chainmail is
a good idea. Savatas seem abundant in the FM (saw three in one channel) so
try and find them. I really don’t know why they’re so common (the ice
quest?) but they just
are. If you can’t find one, stick with your Diros. Green Bamboo Hat is the
best choice. You can use
Blue if you want, but Green seems better.


Meba is required when you hit lv25. Not optional, REQUIRED. It throws
Use a Brown Bamboo Hat
for better damage. Don’t bother with the Sneak Set unless you HAVE to.
is: (1: It’s fugly. And
(2: I just plain don’t like it. Just kidding. Get it if you want, personally
I use the Pao Set. Saves
a bit of cash. The Mischief is good, don’t bother with the Wolfskin. Of
it’s easy to make, but
it’s not worth it (unless you upgrade to dark).


1.1.6: Alternatives to PQ


Yeah, that’s right. No more PQ because I missed 34 times in a row. I’m sick
of it, what should I do
instead? Well, this handy little section gives you some hints, some proper,
some not.


Train. Yeah, grind. ‘But I thought we crossed that/YOU WERE WRONG, OKAY?
JEEZ!’ Some choices are
Mushrooms (of all kinds except massive), Wild Boar, Octopi, Evil Eyes and
Teddies. Or the whole far
side of Aqua Road.


Merchant. Only if you have cash though. Search for bargains, resell at
normal/higher price.


Group train. Same as (1, but with more peoples.


Hunt. Same as (1, only searching for equips, not experience. Like mages
hunting Zombie Mushies for
Chaos Robes. Or whatever.


Alt-tab. There’s a whole world out there. And it’s called the Internet. Try
it out.


The Off Button. Shut down your computer and go outside, or at least do some
push-ups or something.
It’s NOT unthinkable.


Keep at it. Only if you’re addicted…

That section was just a big article on how you should spend time outside and
not in front of the


1.1.7: Version History

1.0: Finished nearly all the guide – up to Rewards section

1.1: Woo…posted it…

1.2: It’s on the site – but I received emails about problems, and I forgot
this section entirely!

1.3: Added what you are reading now…

1.5 Hidden Street took down everything and revamped it – gave me time to
remodel the guide.

2.0: Added PQ in a nutshell, more General Tips and Tricks

2.1: Added Recommended Equipment, revamped the rewards section

A Guide for Mini-Games

Version 3.5
By OhanaUnited

Table of Contents
(1) Introduction
(2) Creating a set of Omok
(3) Creating a set of Monster Cards
(4) Creating Pachinko
(5) How to Create Mini-Game Items?
(6) How to play Omok?
(7) How to play Monster Cards?
(8) How to play Pachinko?
(9) More information on Rock Paper Scissors
(10) Information on PvP Mini-Game
(11) Fish-Catching Game
(12) Calculation of Mini-Game Points
(13) Cheating in Mini-Games
(14) Conclusion
(15) Updates


(1) Introduction

I know you guys are all excited about the mini-games. I also understand that this gameplay receives a lot of
attention and updates in different versions’ MS. Also, many players will encounter problems and questions about
mini-games. Or, as most of you are, just want to know more about mini-games. These are the reasons why I write
this guide.

Currently, there’re 2 mini-games available in OMS (Official Maple Story) and MapleSEA (Maple South East Asia).
The first game is called Omok; the second one is called Monster Cards. The game Omok is simply “Connect-5” and
Monster Cards is “Memory”.

There’s a mini-game that is exclusive for JMS (Japan Maple Story). It is called Pachinko. Since I don’t play JMS,
there’s limited information available in the guide and I can’t vertify the information found.

KMS and JMS has a new mini-game called Rock Paper Scissors. While both versions have this minigame, it’s uncertain
if other versions will receive this minigame. More info can be read in section “(9)More information about Rock Paper

Also new to the list of mini-games is PvP mini-game. It is in CMS, TaiwanMS, and KMS client. Please read
“(10)Information on PvP mini-game” for details.


(2) Creating a set of Omok

You need to go to Henesys and talk to Casey to create an Omok set or deck of Monster Cards. Furthermore, only
those who have the set can open game room and invite others.

For Omok, you need 2 different Omok pieces plus an Omok table. In total, there’re 8 Omok pieces. In Victoria
Island, you can find Slime, Orange Mushroom, Pig, and Octopus Omok pieces. In Ossyria, you can find Trixter,
Pink Teddy, Bloctopus, and Panda Teddy Omok pieces.

Each of those monsters mention above will sometimes drop Omok piece of its kind. You also need Omok table, which
can be found by normal Stump and normal Dark Stump (no axe on their heads), Drum Bunny, and Toy Trojan.
For all MS version, you need 99 Omok pieces for each type of monster + Omok Table

For locations of where to create Omok, please refer to section “(5)How to create mini-game items?”


(3) Creating a set of Monster Cards

For Monster Cards, you need 99 Monster Cards to make into a Set of Monster Cards.

The following monsters will drop Monster Cards:
Blue Snail, Pig, Ribbon Pig, Octopus, Blue Mushroom, Horny Mushroom, Evil Eye, Trixter, Cicle, Curse Eye, Lorang,
Lupin, Cold Eye, Tortie, Wraith, Drake, Master Chronos, and Wild Cargo.

For location on where to create a Set of Monster Cards, please refer to section “(5)How to create mini-game items?”


(4) Creating Pachinko

You need to buy Pachinko balls from the Cash Shop. That’s all. But you can only start a game of Pachinko in its
designated store, Pachinko store. More information will be given in “(8)How to play Pachinko?”


(5) How to create Mini-Game Items?

If you want to make a mini-game item, you need to head towards the NPCs which creates such items.
There’re 2 locations, which are listed below.

Henesys, Victoria Island:
Here’s how you go there. First, you need to go to Henesys. Then you go through the portal that has a stone
archway on the top with a caption “Mushroom Park”. You are now in Henesys Park. Go right all the way and you
will see a portal with caption on top saying “Game Zone”. Go in there and now you are in “Game Zone”! You
can create Omok Set and Set of Monster Cards in Game Zone.
Inside Game Zone, you will find an NPC named Casey. He is the person in charged of creating mini-game items in
Victoria Island. When you give him the sufficient materials to create a set of Omok, he will give you a set
in return. The set given to you depends on the Omok pieces that you give to Casey.

Only Slime, Orange Mushroom, Pig, and Octopus Omok pieces can be used in Henesys. You can also make a set of
monster cards here.

Ludibrium, Ossyria Island:
If you have Trixter, Pink Teddy, Bloctopus, or Panda Teddy Omok pieces, you can convert the pieces into a set
in Ludibrium. You need to find an NPC called Chico who is located in Ludibrium Village. He will give you Omok
set in return for you giving the materials to him.

You can find Monster Cards from Trixter and Master Chronos in Ludibrium; however, you cannot create a Set of
Monster Cards by Chico in Ludibrium Village. In addition to that, you can find Monster Cards from Cicle in
Aqua Road. But there’s no NPC in Aqua Road that will create a set for you.

Omok Table can be found from normal Stump and Dark Stump (no axe on their heads) in Victoria Island.
In Ludibrium, you can find Omok Table from Drum Bunny and Toy Trojan.


(6) How to play Omok?

Your objective is to form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line with 5 of your Omok pieces consecutively.
You may not form a “connect-6” or “connect-7”. Only 5 will qualify for a win. Every game of Omok costs you 100 mesos.
If you don’t have enough money, you can’t enter the room. The person who opens the game room also needs to
pay 100 mesos. If you run out of mesos in the game, you will automatically get kicked out. (But this won’t
happen unless you are so poor that you don’t even have 100 mesos to spare around…) The visitor enters the
room and clicks Ready. The room owner clicks Start to begin the game. If the room owner wants to kick a
visitor out of the room, there’s an “X” on the right side of that person. Click it and say good bye to that person.

For first game, the owner of the room goes first. But a word of warning. There’s a 30-second time limit so
you could miss your turn if you donˇt play an Omok piece within 30 seconds. Also, you are not allowed to
put “Double-3”, which means that you can’t put an Omok piece, which results in you having 2 rows of 3 Omok.
In the real connect-5, this is allowed, and of course you win instantly. If you made a very wrong move and
your opponent is nice to let you take back the move, you can request a mulligan. Both players need to accept
mulligan to undo you and your opponent’s last move. You may only request mulligan once per game. And if you
are going to be away or leave during the game, request a tie. Again, your opponent has to accept it to officially
call it a tie. This will end the game. Once the game is over and the next game starts, the loser goes first.
If you have to leave during a game, you may request forfeit or tie. Requesting for a tie is just a tie game,
nothing else. But if you request for forfeit, you’ll lose the game. So only request a tie first before a forfeit.
If you need to leave the game after this round, click Leave and you will leave the room right after this round is


(7) How to play Monster Cards?

Just like Omok, you need the Set of Match Cards to open a game room. Let me repeat the similarities of Omok and
Match Cards. Every game of Match Cards costs you 100 mesos. If you don’t have enough money, you can’t enter the room.
The person who opens the game room also needs to pay 100 mesos. If you run out of mesos in the game, you will
automatically get kicked out. (But this won’t happen unless you are so poor that you don’t even have 100 mesos
to spare around…) The visitor enters the room and clicks Ready. The room owner clicks Start to begin the game.
If the room owner wants to kick a visitor out of the room, there’s an “X” on the right side of that person.
Click it and say good bye to that person. Unlike Omok, there’re different things to do for the owner of the room
at the beginning. When you start your game room, you need to set how many cards you’ll use in the game. There’re
3 choices to choose from, 3X4, 4X5, 5X6 which plays 12, 20, and 30 cards respectively. One thing to pay attention is
that once you open the room, you can’t change this setting. So if you want to change setting, you have to close
the room and open another one.

When the first game starts, the owner of the room goes first. However, similar to Omok, there’s a 10-second time
limit so you could miss your turn if you didn’t flip 2 cards within 10 seconds. When you found a matching pair,
you’ll get to keep your turn and flip 2 more. This could result in combos. A technique I found is that when there’re
4 cards left. Whoever player flips a matching pair, he/she will get 4 cards because the last 2 cards you can’t flip
wrong due to the fact you don’t have other choices to flip. Altogether combos won’t get you extra points, but it
has its uses. If both players got same amount of pairs, whoever got higher combo wins the game.

And if you are going to be away or leave during the game, request a tie. Again, your opponent has to accept it
to officially call it a tie. This will end the game. Once the game is over and the next game starts, the loser
goes first. If you have to leave during a game, you may request forfeit or tie. Tie is just tie, nothing else.
But if you request for forfeit, you’ll lose the game. So only request a tie first before a forfeit. If you need
to leave the game after this round, click Leave and you will leave the room right after this round is finished.


(8) How to play Pachinko?

Once you purchased Pachinko coins in Cash Shop, you can proceed to Pachinko store to play Pachinko. There are
2 differences between Pachinko and the other mini-games. First, Pachinko is one-player only. Second, the mini-game
is limited to Pachinko store. The stores are located in Kerning City, Ludibrium, and Shouwa Town (exclusive to JMS).
500 Pachinko balls can be purchased for 100NP, while 3000 Pachinko balls can be purchased for 500NP.

Basically, you use your Pachinko balls to play the game. You will be given a ball and you are trying to aim
the Pachinko ball into the mushroom hole below the slot. Once you got into that hole, the Roulette starts to roll.
You get Pachinko balls as rewards by lining up 3 identical monsters in the Roulette. The amount of reward balls
determined by which type of monster you lined up with.

The pictures of monsters are (in brackets are their rewards):
Jr. Boogie (100 Pachinko Balls)
Tweeter (200 Pachinko Balls)
Strige (300 Pachinko Balls)
Blue Snail (400 Pachinko Balls)
Shroom, Red Snail (500 Pachinko Balls)
Jr. Wraith (600 Pachinko Balls)
Sentinal (1000 Pachinko Balls)
Jr. Cellion (1300 Pachinko Balls)
Jr. Bulldog (2000 Pachinko Balls)

You can exchange your reward balls into prizes by talking to the receptionist at the front desk. This game is simply
Japan-style of slots.


(9) More information on Rock Paper Scissors

Similar to Pachinko, it is a one-player minigame, as the player plays against the Maple Administrator NPC. Unlike all
other mini-games, Rock Paper Scissors can not be played any time you want to. Only when the GM activated the
Maple Administrator NPC will you be able to play this mini-game. It is confirmed that Ludibrium Maple Administrator
has this ability to play Rock Paper Scissors. There could be more Maple Administrator who also have this ability,
or even all Maple Administrator NPCs can do this. It’s uncertain whether the Maple Administrator NPC can handle one
or more than players at the same time. Only KMS and JMS received this mini-game in their clients.

Since this mini-game is new, it’s uncertain if this minigame will become a human-versus-human mini-game. There’s no
need to explain how to play it because everyone played this game during their childhood. All you need to do is click
on 1 of 3 buttons which have Rock, Paper, and Scissors on it. Then hope that the NPC chose the type which you can
beat it. The outcome from the Maple Administrator NPC is random and no patterns can be predicted.


(10) Information on PvP Mini-Game

A whole new mini-game has created. Up to now, CMS, TaiwanMS, and KMS receive this mini-game. To many players’ interest,
it is about PvP (player vs player). Inside the mini-game, it displays your character name, character appearance, level,
job, HP, and MP. The job of your character in PvP is corresponded to your character in the game. The HP and MP in
the PvP is not the same as your character. This game requires you to purchase cash shop item “PvP Coupon” in order
to play. There are 2 types of PvP Coupon. One is “PvP Create Room Coupon” which allows you to open a PvP room in the
Yu Yu Garden. The other one is “PvP Enter Room Coupon” which allows you to gain entry to an already established PvP room.
Each game consumes one coupon.

You reach the PvP zone through Shanghai and Yu Yu Garden. By taking a plane at the top of Perion, you arrive at Shanghai.
At the Shanghai Airport, there is a PvP scoreboard that displays the top 10 players (which means the most points)
in PvP game. An area beside Shanghai is Yu Yu Garden. Inside Yu Yu Garden, there are various shops that sell weapons,
armors, and potions. Along with that are 3 dragon gates: “Green Dragon Gate”, “Red Dragon Gate”, and “Yellow Dragon Gate”.
Going through the Dragon Gates and you will reach the PvP zone. In TaiwanMS, there are 2 additional PvP portals which
allow you to access PvP zone. They are located in Riprey and Orbis.

Inside the PvP area, you are allowed to open a room by using PvP Coupon. Only the person who opens up the game room
consumes one PvP Coupon each game. The room creator can choose the range of level (maximum range is 10 levels) for the
person to enter, or no level restriction at all. Only those that fall into the range specified are allowed to enter
the room and compete.

First stage is to kill the monster that has your name underneath it in a random map. The first to kill the monster wins.
The monsters have more HP than usual and their life bar is placed on the top. All the monsters appear in this mini-game
are corresponded to the level of your character and its range. The objective for second stage is to kill more monsters
than your opponent within a set amount of time. Time remaining and number of monsters killed by you and your opponent
are placed on the top right corner of the screen. The last stage is jump quest in a special map of EOS Tower. Both players
are summoned to the same map and make their way upwards to the top of the map in EOS Tower. First player to double click
on the NPC on the top of the map wins this round.

How to determine the winner? Best of 3 stage wins. But if one person wins the first two stages, the game will continue
towards the third stage regardless if the game is set.


(11) Fish-Catching Game
This mini-game is only exclusive to TaiwanMS. Players can play this mini-game by going to Night City and talk to an NPC.
This is the only mini-game where it has level limits to players. Players must be level 35 or above in order to talk to
this NPC. Players need to gather items for the NPC in order for him to give you a diving suit. Items asked by NPC are:
– 100 Clown Monkey’s wheels
– 30 red pearls, 30 yellow pearls, 30 green pearls
The diving suit is needed for the mini-game. Players may only use melee weapons in the mini-game map that shows resemblence
to Aqua Road’s Ocean I.C map to catch the specific fishes asked by the NPC. You catch the fish by hitting it with a weapon.
All other skills (including magic attacks, teleport, and support spells like hyper body) are disabled. 5 minutes are given
for you to catch as many fish as possible. Note that catching wrong type of fishes may deduct points. You will be rewarded
with prizes and exp for catching the right type of fish. This mini-game can be repeated as long as you have the diving suit.

Points are awarded(deducted) according to which type of fish you caught:
20 points for Bubble Fish
-5 points for Krappi
10 points for Poppa
15 points for Cico
-50 points for Jr. Seal

Please note that this is the first mini-game in Maple Story that can be considered as “unsafe”, meaning that it is possible
to die while playing this mini-game. You can take damage from touching the fishes. This is also the only mini-game that
does not require you to pay meso or purchase cash shop item to play.


(11) Calculation of Mini-Game Points
You will have 2000 points at start for each type of mini-game. When you win a match, you gain points equal to the losing
player loses. When you lose, you will lose some points and your opponent will gain the same amount of points you lost.
Points awarded/lost are somewhat random, but those who perform well (higher points than the opponent) tend to lose
more points to someone who has lower points. They also gain less points if their opponents have lower points than them.
Those who perform extremly well (generally those over 2100 points) lose even more points when losing to a player with
points lower than 2100, but this is unconfirmed. This is a way to prevent players from running up the points by making
a mule account and lose all of the matches against the main account.

Every mini-game has its own independent points for same character. So there is no fear that a player who performs poorly
in Monster Cards will have a low score in Omok or other mini-games.


(13) Cheating in Mini-Games
I have heard news around the community that few rule-breaking users are using auto-clickers to cheat in Monster Cards.
It is quite sad to hear that cheaters have found their way to cheat successfully in Monster Cards. As for other mini-games,
they are also ruined by cheaters. Using 2 computers, cheaters create mule accounts and play with their main account.
The mule will forfeit and lose everytime the game starts. Once they run up the points and can no longer get more points
from the mule, the delete the mule account and create a new mule account to repeat the same process. This method works
on any 1v1 mini-game but it is very easy to be detected.

The game status will switch to “full” from “playing” whenever there is a winner in the mini-game. If you see the game room
status switches from “full” status to “playing” status and back to “full” very quickly, plesae report the main account
character to a GM as that is cheating in mini-games. Also, DO NOT buy or sell mini-game points to and from anyone. If you
want mini-game points, earn it with your best effort. If you want mesos, go hunt creatures for loots instead.


(13) Conclusion

Mini-game is fun to play but you got to pay 100 mesos for each game. I am pretty sure that there will be a mini-game
ranking, but I am not sure if there will be prize given out to the top 3 in the rankings. From what I heard from some
players, they said that GM will give those top 3 people in the ranking special items that are unable to obtain throughout
the game but only via GM. However, this is not confirmed. In fact, we don’t know how the rankings work. The ranking
could be a weekly, monthly, yearly, or even permanent ranking. For now, let’s just have fun and forget about the


(14) Updates

V. 1.0 – Wrote the foundation and basic layout for the guide “A Guide for Mini-Games”
V. 1.1 – Included pictures and requirements to make a mini-game for MapleSea
V. 1.2 – Included requirements to make a mini-game for OMS
V. 1.3 – Removed dead pictures links
V. 1.4 – Modified “How to contact me?” section
V. 1.5 – Rephrased “How to create a set of Mini-Game?” section
V. 1.6 – Pictures are once again included thanks to Hidden Street’s database images
V. 1.7 – Fixed some spelling and grammar
V. 1.8 – Included a mini-game called Pachinko, which is exclusive to JMS
V. 1.9 – The images are now using ImageShack instead of Hidden-Street to increase reliability
V. 2.0 – Added 2 Omok pieces: Panda and Pink Teddy
V. 2.1 – Included 2 more Omok pieces found in Ludibrium, making the total count of Omok pieces to 8 monsters
(4 found in Victoria Island, 4 found in Ludibrium)
V. 2.2 – Reordered the topics to make space for creating Omok in Ludibrium
V. 2.3 – Added Trixter and Master Chronos in Ludibrium that drops Monster Cards
V. 2.4 – Added Drum Bunny and Toy Trojan that drops Omok Table
V. 2.5 – Included Circle in Aqua Road that drops Monster Cards
V. 2.6 – Removed images to satisfy for Hidden Street’s guidelines
V. 2.7 – A new minigame called Rock Paper Scissors from KMS is now included
V. 2.8 – Error corrected. It should be Dark Stump that drops Omok Table, not Dark Axe Stump. Thanks to Gracia Dong for
spotting this error.
V. 2.9 – Renamed a few sections, rephrased a sentence for clearer instructions.
V. 3.0 – Major upgrade: Added a whole new section regarding about a new mini-game released in CMS. Also explained the
calculation of points in mini-games.
V. 3.1 – Modified quite a lot of sections. Pachinko section now further explain the gameplay and rewards.
Rock Paper Scissors has been added to JMS client. PvP now gives an in-depth explaination of the overall game
play and how to win.
V. 3.2 – Found out there are 2 types of PvP coupons: “PvP Create Room Coupon” and “PvP Enter Room Coupon”
V. 3.3 – TaiwanMS added 2 new portals for access to PvP zone. They are found in Riprey and Orbis.
V. 3.4 – Added “Cheating in Mini-Games” section after hearing reports of cheaters made their way into mini-games.
V. 3.5 – TaiwanMS added a new mini-game: “Fish-Catching Game”. This marks the introduction of first MS mini-game that can be
considered as “unsafe” as it is possible to die when playing this mini-game.


(15) Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in this guide are those of the author and not necessarily those of forum administrators and members.
Information presented here is complied from sources believed to be accurate. However, the author and admin(s) of the posted
forums or websites are not responsible for any errors and omissions. No one is responsible for death, injury, lost, etc
due to direct/indirect use of this guide.